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    1. [TRANSCRIPTIONS-AUS] Cemeteries of SW Victoria Update
    2. Ian Marr
    3. We have completed photographing Horsham Lawn Cemetery (4,950 entries, 4,670 photos) and Portland Cemetery (5,553 entries, 3,777 photos). Although these are available via the DVD option, all names are included in the Global Surname index available on the web. If you need any photos from these (or other applicable) Cemeteries, let us know off-list and we will happily provide them for you, if possible. Regards, Ian MARR This message can be considered to be in the public domain. Member A.I.G.S (11528) 14.5m above sea-level at 38°23'10.6"S by 142°36'08.4"E Remember, to EVERY question in life, there is more than one CORRECT answer. The home of SW Victorian Cemetery indexes:

    09/05/2009 03:31:24