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    1. [TRANSCRIPTIONS-AUS] Cemeteries of SW Victoria - New Indexes
    2. Ian Marr
    3. *** CROSSPOSTED - APOLOGIES IF YOU RECEIVE MULTIPLE MESSAGES *** I have added three new Cemetery indexes to my site, so you may wish to update your Cemetery links (all are located in S.W. Victoria, Australia): New indexes are: Lake Condah Mission Lal-Lal Station - near Cape Bridgewater Corkhill Station - near Cape Bridgewater Total Cemeteries now transcribed: 139; Total names, over 80,000 DON'T FORGET - if you have an interest in any person in the various index listings, contact me with: Cemetery name Person's sequence number Person's name Your eddress (that's e-mail address) and I will place a link against that name for you. PLEASE, no large family groups - select an appropriate member of the family you are interested in and I will provide the link to that entry.ALSO, remember to force RELOAD (Ctrl-REFRESH or Ctrl-RELOAD) when viewing the pages as this will ensure you get the latest update. Regards, Ian MARR This message can be considered to be in the public domain. Member A.I.G.S (11528) 14.5m above sea-level at 38°23'15"S by 142°36'04"E Some people worry about their past catching up with them - I'm trying to catch up with my past Home Page: Extensive S.W. Victorian Cemetery Indexes on above site Personal Blog: Blog for the adventurous:

    02/22/2009 04:50:30