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    1. [TRANSCRIPTIONS-AUS] Cemeteries of SW Victoria - Boram Boram Cemetery
    2. Ian Marr
    3. We have completed photographing the Boram Boram (Penshurst) Cemetery and this index has been updated with information on new burials - found around 140 extra entries If you require a photo, just send an e-mail detailing the Cemetery name, person's sequence number and name. Am happy to send photo back (at no charge). DON'T FORGET - if you have an interest in any person in the various index listings, contact me with: Cemetery name Person's sequence number Person's name Your eddress (that's e-mail address) and I will place a link against that name for you. PLEASE, no large family groups - select an appropriate member of the family you are interested in and I will provide the link to that entry.ALSO, remember to force RELOAD (Ctrl-REFRESH or Ctrl-RELOAD) when viewing the pages as this will ensure you get the latest update. Regards, Ian MARR This message can be considered to be in the public domain. Member A.I.G.S (11528) 14.5m above sea-level at 38°23'10.6"S by 142°36'08.4"E Remember, to EVERY question in life, there is more than one CORRECT answer. The home of SW Victorian Cemetery indexes:

    12/08/2009 09:44:56