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    1. [TRANSCRIPTIONS-AUS] Cemeteries of SW VIctoria: New Index - Bannockburn
    2. Ian
    3. *** CROSSPOSTED - APOLOGIES IF YOU RECEIVE MULTIPLE MESSAGES *** I have added a new Cemetery index to my site, so you may wish to update your Cemetery links (all are located in S.W. Victoria, Australia): New index: Bannockburn - 413 names NOTE: A CD version is now available - the larger Cemeteries PLUS Warrnambool (older sections) and Hamilton Lawn are only available via the CD - see homepage for details Total Cemeteries now transcribed: 134; Total names: 71731 PLEASE WAIT FOR ENTIRE PAGE TO LOAD BEFORE SELECTING A NAME IN THE INDEX. DON'T FORGET - if you have an interest in any person in the various index listings, contact me with: Cemetery name Person's sequence number Person's name Your eddress (that's e-mail address) and I will place a link against that name for you. PLEASE, no large family groups - select an appropriate member of the family you are interested in and I will provide the link to that entry. ALSO, remember to force RELOAD (Ctrl-REFRESH or Ctrl-RELOAD) when viewing the pages as this will ensure you get the latest update. They can be reached via: or Note: The 'vicnet' URL should be the preferred option as eventually I will be phasing out the 'datafast' address My eddress is: [email protected] Regards, Ian MARR This message can be considered to be in the public domain. Member A.I.G.S (11528) 14.5m above sea-level at 38°23'15"S by 142°36'04"E Some people worry about their past catching up with them - I'm trying to catch up with my past Home Page: Extensive S.W. Victorian Cemetery Indexes on above site.

    10/02/2006 03:41:04