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    1. ([TNGREENE])Re: TNGREENE Digest, Vol 13, Issue 49
    2. Judy K Mitchell
    3. Helen, I've never heard that Smelser was a "jewish" name -- Can you give me some sources for your information?   My Smelsers were Lutheran, and I'm asking here about the MYERS -SMELSER connection in Greene County, TN (circa 1838-1880.) Thank you,Judy Smelser Mitchell From: Helen Sabin <[email protected]> Subject: ([TNGREENE])Re: MYERS families in Greene County early 18th     century (TNGREENE Digest, Vol 13, Issue 48) Smelser was often thought of as a "jewish" name - have you tried jeiwh gen?

    08/21/2018 10:01:38