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    1. [TNBRADLE] Henry Forrist/Forrester
    2. BobFoster
    3. Looking for any information on the Henry Forrist who sold land to Martin Frazier in Bradley Co. in 1851. I believe his name was actually Forrester. He may have been one of the ‘lost’ sons of Robert Forrester of Richmond Co., Virginia who died in 1845 in Bradley Co. The Henry Forrester I’m researching was born about 1789 in VA and lived in Arkansas. He was married about 1811 in Bledsoe Co. to a woman named Jane (last name unknown). During the War of 1812 he served in the 7th Inf. Reg., U. S. Army (not militia). He owned land in Jackson Co., Arkansas. ======= Email scanned by PC Tools - No viruses or spyware found. (Email Guard:, Virus/Spyware Database: 6.21100) =======

    05/26/2013 11:51:51