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    1. [Refugees]Re: TMG updates
    2. Michael J. Hannah
    3. Bill, The installer programs for the final verisions (v9.05) of TMG are still available for downloads from the WhollyGenes site. Links to download those programs are posted on the WhollyGenes forum: I believe the code on the WhollyGenes server which responded to "Check for Update" has been turned off since July 29, 2014, when Bob Velke announced that development and sales of TMG would be discontinued. As Jan points out, both of the TMG-related Rootsweb mailing lists will cease to accept posts this weekend. If you are still using TMG you need to subscribe to the new groups which are now hosted at "" TMG-L list subscription: [email protected] TMG-Refugees subscription: [email protected] As a further note, questions such as yours about the functioning (or lack) of TMG are best sent to the TMG-L list which is still quite active at its new site. Posts to TMG-Refugees are really intended for questions about other software to use as a replacement for TMG. Michael

    02/28/2020 12:58:11