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    1. [Refugees]Assistance trying to "register" my TMG??? PLEASE???
    2. Diana Carlson
    3. I was having trouble using TMG on Parallels on a Macintosh so I finally broke down and bought a Windows 10 pc just for TMG. It worked for awhile..but now I see it never really registered correctly, and now, most functionality is greyed out. Yes, I cannot access my data, and I’ve got about a dozen projects. I tried again today to register it, but it says registration data is invalid, even though I copied it from my previous TMG. Is there anyone who can help me get this registered again? Diana L. Carlson

    12/04/2019 05:28:20
    1. [Refugees]Re: Assistance trying to "register" my TMG??? PLEASE???
    2. Jim Byram
    3. Diana, I'm assuming that you are using the account that Windows 10 created. It is an Administrator account. Administrator accounts in Windows 10 run normally as a Standard user unless the permissions are elevated. It's always best to copy the registration key from the registration information and paste it to the unlock screen. And be sure to use the information that came in the registration email that came from Wholly Genes. You need to unlock TMG two ways. 1) Running Windows 10 normally (as a Standard user). Run TMG and unlock it. Exit TMG. 2) Running TMG as administrator with elevated permissions. Right-click on the TMG shortcut and select 'Run as administrator'. Respond affirmatively to the permissions prompt and unlock TMG. Exit TMG after unlocking. Now run TMG normally when using it. You shouldn't need to unlock again. Jim

    12/04/2019 07:36:55