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    1. [Refugees]GEDCOM Assessment
    2. John Cardinal
    3. TMG and GEDCOM users, You may be interested to review a new facility, "GEDCOM Assessments". It began as structured way to evaluate how to configure TMG to GEDCOM for target applications. It grew into a separate, general-purpose facility for assessing the GEDCOM import capability of any target program or service. See: The key component of GEDCOM Assessment is "assess.ged", a hand-crafted GEDCOM file. It's only been available a few days, and I have already heard from three software publishers who have used assess.ged to discover errors or omissions in their import methods. End users who have reason to use GEDCOM files should scan the "Assessment Review" for the application(s) they use. See: John Cardinal Author of genealogy programs including Second Site, TMG Utility, GedSite, Gedcom Publisher, and TMG to GEDCOM

    12/04/2019 02:37:03