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    1. [Refugees]TMG on Windows 10 - Norwegian letters displays wrongly
    2. Andreas F. Halvorsen
    3. I am following the TMG-refugees mailings with interest, notably those discussing keeping TMG alive, problems with migrating the data to other platforms and recently how to make the results of years of research available to others after the researcher has stopped researching. I have maintained my TMG on a computer with Windows 7 until now. I intend keeping that computer alive as long as possible with TMG on it as a backup, but I am now in the process of migrating to a new laptop with Windows 10 for daily use. Installation of TMG 9 seemed to work just fine, but dates and Norwegian letters were displayed wrong. The dates, in formats with months represented by letters, like dd MMM yyyy, are represented with the spaces substituted with three characters: an i with two dots, an upside-down question mark and ½. In formats with months represented by numbers, the “.”, “-“ or “/” are correctly rendered. The Norwegian letters are likewise rendered as the same three characters as above. It seems that an i with two dots, an upside-down question mark and ½represents any unknown character. Has anyone encountered this problem, and found a solution for it? And if the question is outside the scope here, I would appreciate tips regarding where it would be within scope. Andreas

    12/03/2019 03:07:27
    1. [Refugees]Re: TMG on Windows 10 - Norwegian letters displays wrongly
    2. John Cardinal
    3. Andreas, Your post should probably be on TMG-L rather than TMG-Refugees. I have seen that problem before. I was helping someone else and I am not sure of all the details. If I recall correctly, there was a setting that enabled a Win10 beta feature, "Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support". If that option is checked, that causes an issue in TMG. That setting would cause trouble for any application that does not use UTF-8 as the beta feature expects. Finding that setting takes a lot of clicks! 1. Open the Win10 Settings. 2. In the "Find a setting" textbox, type "Region" and click "Region settings" when it appears. 3. Scroll down to "Additional date, time, & regional settings" and click it. 4. On "Control Panel\Clock and Region", under Region, click "Change date, time, or number formats". 5 - On the "Region" window, click the "Administrative" tab. 6 - On the Administrative tab, click the [Change system locale] button. Tired yet? 7 - On the "Region Settings" window, uncheck the "Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support" checkbox if it is checked. That should do it, but I do not have an easy way of testing whether the that property causes the behavior you described. Let me know how it goes... John

    12/03/2019 03:31:28