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    1. [TMG] Individual detail reports -- table corruption
    2. Lindsay Graham
    3. Using TMG 9.05 and Windows 10. Having trouble printing multi-page IDRs.  I create in RTF but if the report is longish (more than 2 pages), the file creation stops (variously after 2, 3, 4 or 5 pages) and the Microsoft Word error message is "A table in this document has become corrupted". Screen preview option is fine -- the whole report appears. Searched archives and could find only one reference to this problem, back in 2012.  Jim Byram suggested reset the report configuration to defaults.  I did that -- file was OK then, but much shorter version (eg, because no footnotes) and not what I want.  I then changed the configuration back to my preferred style, and the same error occurred. Has anyone else encountered this?  With IDRs other reports?  Any workarounds? Lindsay Graham Canberra, Australia

    02/12/2020 07:28:00