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    1. [TMG] TMG List has moved to Groups.IO
    2. Constance Chappell Horne
    3. If you have not noticed my prior message, Rootsweb is shutting down all email lists on 02-Mar-2020. Upon receiving that notice last week, I immediately set up a new list over on Groups.IO and invited all current members to join. We currently have 512 members. If you did not receive an invitation, it may have landed in your spam folder. In any case, I invite you to join us at Groups.IO. You will need to set up an account (extremely easy) and then click on the *Subscribe *button at this link: Discussions are already underway and probably should not be continued here since we cannot transfer our list archives and will need to rebuild our knowledge base. Rootsweb says that the list archives will be kept but I have no idea how long they will keep them. Constance Chappell Horne TMG List Administrator at Rootsweb AND Groups.IO

    01/13/2020 10:10:49