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    1. [THRELKELD] Threlkeld Mailing List, and All RootsWeb Lists, Closing Permanently
    2. Ed Williams
    3. Dear Threlkeld Mailing List Members: The RootsWeb mailing lists--a communication staple for many years in the genealogy community--came back online in Q1 2018, after the acquisition by had temporarily suspended them. As we know, much of the rest of RootsWeb never did come back online. The list administrators received word about two hours ago that the RootsWeb lists will be closing permanently as of 2 March 2020. Incoming and outgoing email services will cease, administrator log-in accounts will be discontinued, and the lists will be put "into an archival state." Existing messages are to remain searchable via RootsWeb, at least for the immediate future. There have been valuable information exchanges on these lists over the years, some of it irreplaceable from family researchers now deceased. Our list hasn't been exactly active, but I'm still saddened to see it go. Any communication venue related to one-name studies is a good thing. I know the current mailing list software will wreak havoc on the links that are to follow, but I need to provide them to you. Home base for the Threlkeld One-Name Study is, though attempting to operate a mailing list from there is, I'm afraid, out of scope. The Threlkeld message board at is at For the one-name study, we use WikiTree as the genealogical information of record. The study can be found there at WikiTree also operates a lively message board called G2G (genealogist to genealogist) at Those are all continuing options for communication. You can reach me directly via the Threlkeld website ( or by sending me a private message from WikiTree ( 1&ref=16654871). My personal and sincere thanks to you all for being a member of the Threlkeld mailing list, and for your interest in researching this English surname that dates back over 800 years. --Ed Williams

    01/07/2020 03:39:39