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    3. I have a query, not looking for an ancestor but for the real name of a Victorian acrobat. “Tom Rezene” was an acrobat himself from the mid-1870s as one of “The Brothers Rezene” then a trainer and manager of young acrobats — Dello and Zetti, then Sillo and Zetti, then Dello, Tom and Willie (“The Marvellous Rezenes”), then “The Flying Rezenes”, then “Jupiter” (a girl). There are a lot of clues to his identity but none have yielded the answer. He was not, as has been suggested, the same person as Edward Trevanion (who died in 1887) and was not the Charles Rezene of Rezene and Robini.— The clues include addresses — November 1881: 6 Beech street, Preston – but not there in 1881 census June 1893: 5 Sydney Street, Manchester; July 1894: 18 Wenlock Tce, City Rd, London In 1893 he is an agent, and describing himself as “Proprietor of a Music Hall and Two Circuses”. His wife was the serio Ella Lee, sister of comedian Charles Seel, and their family name was Brown (parents Fred and Mary Ann Brown, stage name Lee). In the Era of 7 Oct.1877 Tom advertises that “on and after November 19th Ella Lee will be known as Ella Rezene”, and on November 19th they were playing in Carlisle. There are four brides named Brown in Carlisle in that quarter (even two named Isab*ella*), but none of the four marriages can be his, based on these couples in future censuses and on the maiden names of the mothers in two births he advertises— In the Era of 28 March 1880 he announces a son born in Leeds on March 25th 1880, and in Era 20 August 1881 he mentions another son born August 7th 1881, probably in Liverpool. It is intriguing that one can know so much about someone but not their real name… Any suggestions welcome Rowan Gibbs

    08/01/2018 06:00:11