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    1. RE: [TEXTPAD] tab problem
    2. Connie Burkett
    3. David, Apparently when you saveAs Text from WordPerfect it is adding a HARD code for End-of-Line. I no longer have WordPerfect installed on my PC, but if my memory serves me right, on the older versions of WordPerfect there were 2 options in the SaveAs for Text with one of them mentioning CR/LF. On the newer Windows version I don't remember that option being there. In TextPad, on the Toolbar there is a button about halfway on the bar that looks like a backward P. When you hover the mouse over that button it has "Visible" on it. Click that button and it turns on the hidden codes. You will then see the hard codes at the ends of the lines. One thing you might try is setting the Paper-Size-Type in WordPerfect to landscape with a small left/right margin to see if it will save the file as TEXT without adding the HARD-Return codes in the middle of a line. Connie -----Original Message----- From: W. David Samuelsen [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2001 11:50 AM To: [email protected] Subject: Re: [TEXTPAD] tab problem Word Wrap had been off already and still has this. RIDDERS, Adeline .. ... 1879 .. ... 1916 wife of Gerhard RIDDERS, Bertha .. ... 1848 .. ... 1913 wife of George alignment is still off. David Connie Burkett wrote: > > David, > Click on "Configure" on the menu-bar, > then click on "Word Wrap" to turn it OFF. > > Connie >

    03/17/2001 05:14:57