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    1. RE: [TEXTPAD] forgot to mention it
    2. Connie Burkett
    3. David, What you have now is a Semicolon-Delimited file. If you have Excel you should open the .txt file in Excel and it will take you through an Import Wizard. On the first screen, let it know the file is Delimited, and on the next screen, put a check-mark in the box for "Semicolon", then finish the Wizard. After getting the file into Excel, select the entire file and change the font to Courier-New 10. With the entire file still selected, click between any two columns to set the column width for each column to the widest cell in that column. Then you can SaveAs from Excel as a tab-delimited-text file that will open in TextPad with the columns all lined up. Connie -----Original Message----- From: W. David Samuelsen [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2001 1:01 AM To: [email protected] Subject: [TEXTPAD] forgot to mention it Forgot to mention that it was originally in WordPerfect table then saved as txt and reopened the text file and replaced all the [HRt] resulting in this ; ; ; at each end and replace those ones with [HRt] resulting in the format you just saw. Now I need to convert the text into "column" format David

    05/08/2001 07:41:36