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    1. [TAKEWELL] Notice about Rootsweb Lists
    2. Jim Jackson
    3. This has been received from the Rootsweb administration: "Beginning March 2nd, 2020 the Mailing Lists functionality on RootsWeb will be discontinued. Users will no longer be able to send outgoing emails or accept incoming emails." We are presently setting up email groups at If there is interest in migrating this list to please respond to this message to that effect ASAP. Please have patience about the creation of your group. The response has been tremendous and it is taking time to get them all set up. Also, creation of this group will depend upon your response to this missive. With heavy hearts, Jim and Di

    01/23/2020 03:42:16
    1. [TAKEWELL] Help Keep This List Active
    2. Jim Jackson
    3. We just wanted to encourage you all to make use of this list in your family searches. A large number of Rootsweb lists have been made inactive due to no messages over a period of time. We want to keep as many lists active as we possibly can and your participation will help toward that goal. If you have a "brick wall" in your family search, send in a message to the list address with as much information as you have and let's see if someone may be able to help fill in those blanks. Best wishes, Jim and Di

    10/01/2019 04:52:04
    1. [TAKEWELL] Hi there
    2. Diane
    3. Hi there, Diane list admin here. Is there anyone on this list that need any help with research from anybody? There hasn't been much going on with this list for a while! Hoping to hear from you soon. Diane list admin

    02/26/2012 02:45:58
    1. [ADMIN] Caretaker - possibly List Owner - needed for this List.
    2. Vic Brocklehurst
    3. Hi Listers: Several months ago List Owner Diane asked that I caretake this List for her for an agreed period. This is the normal procedure when a List Owner (or Administrator if you prefer) is going to be off-line for more than a few days. Usually everything runs smoothly, and the List Owner returns as planned. In the meantime the Caretaker, having the List password, attends to any subscription or other problems on the List. Unfortunately Diana hasn't returned and attempts to contact her at her last known address have been unsuccessful. The time has now come to make fresh arrangements for administration of this List:. As a "stranger" I'm unable to do anything for the List beyond the "mechanics". I can't promote the List topic, or answer any queries! Is there anyone on the List who would be willing to Caretake on the understanding that if Diane does return she has prior claim to the List? If Diane does not return then you will probably inherit the List by default. No pay of course - it's all voluntary "work" done out of love for the hobby! If someone volunteers who hadn't managed a List before there's plenty of help available from Rootsweb, or I'll help if need be. Interested? Contact me at and be sure to put the name of the List in the subject. Diane had a lot of List's that I'm still caretaking and am now seeking to hand over! Vic List Caretaker. .

    06/24/2006 02:03:11
    1. Research UK
    2. Diane Sowden
    3. Dear list, Has anyone had problems with the company called RESEARCH UK for getting Birth, Marriage or Death certificates. There has been a problem with this company taking more money then it should between the dates of 26th February 2005 and 1st March 2005. If you also have had problems with this company, please do let me know and I shall get in touch with the police who are investigating this matter. Thanking you all in anticipation of this matter. Diane list admin

    05/12/2005 12:19:06
    1. Brickwall roll call please
    2. Diane Sowden
    3. Hiya folks, Could we please have a roll call of your brickwalls that you are researching, I would like to do this kind of thing about once a month for any newbies on the list. Thanking you in anticipation. Diane List admin

    04/08/2005 10:53:36
    1. Newbies on list
    2. Diane Sowden
    3. Hiya list, Just to say that after Christmas we MIGHT have newbies on our list, and I would like you to be patient with them while they learn the ropes of genealogy and how to use their computers for genealogy work. I am sure that you will give them all the help that they needs, and be VERY PATIENT with them. Thanking you in anticipation. Diane (list mum)

    11/25/2004 05:14:01
    1. Halloween
    2. Diane Sowden
    3. In the spirit of Halloween, from now through Oct. 31 please feel free to post any spooky tales related to your family research. Found a grave with the help of that ancestor? Tell us about it. Share a family tradition with us. What did your ancestor's do for a holiday? A special family recipe? Get your creative juices flowing and share with us today! It works every October and is fun for many list members who may have been afraid to post before. It tends to get them talking anyway! I set the time limit for this topic so that after Oct.31 we can get down to some really good researching... Diane (List mum)

    10/11/2004 03:28:12
    1. A website that you might like
    2. Diane Sowden
    3. Hiya list, I thought that you might like this website, it looks very interesting indeed. Diane (List mum) FYI -- To those of you with England-based lists, I just ran across a resource which your lists might like to know about if they don't already. Harvard Law School has a collection of English deeds in their library, and these deeds are described on their website, including all names and locations contained therein: < pts/deeds/> There is a small search box on the left-hand side at the bottom. If "HLS website" is clicked, then entering a search term in that box and clicking on "Go" will search those deeds for you (and probably any other pages on their site as well). Some of these deeds mention land in America, but most of them are for land in England. They go back as early as the 1300's and go through at least the latter 1700's. It doesn't appear to be possible to search on just the deeds, so a search on a common name like Lewis will get way too many hits. Adding the term "deed" to your search will help, but there may still be irrelevant results. The deed descriptions are also browseable in the event that the name search isn't fruitful. Please feel free to forward this message in whole or in part to your list(s) if desired. -- Mary Taffet ==== Listowners Mailing List ==== Got suggestions or ideas for new tools and tweaks for admins? Join ============================== Gain access to over two billion names including the new Immigration Collection with an free trial. Click to learn more.

    10/04/2004 01:25:23