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    1. FOLAN Martin; GAL,IRL; c. 1900-
    2. YPostles
    3. FOLAN Martin; GAL,IRL; c. 1900- Hi everybody I am a new subscriber and my interest is in the FOLAN family I believe from the Galway area. My grandfather was Martin Folan who was born somewhere in Galway in approx 1900 give or take 10 years. He emigrated to England and settled in Surrey marrying into the Bourne family in about 1940. Sorry the information is so sketchy but unfortunately he died in 1990 and at the time I was not following the genealogy route and had therefore not spoken to him about his ancestry, It may be a long shot but any info would be gratefully received Regards Yvonne Postles(Folan) YPostles <[email protected]>

    05/17/1998 06:36:50