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    2. Margaret Olson
    3. This message is third in a series designed to clean up the subscriber list for this list. It is among the first steps in bringing the following mailing lists and newsgroups back to life. Don't expect messages for awhile, and don't try to send messages yet. We will tell you when you can do that. ============================================================= NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE ============================================================= SURNAMES-L ( SURNAMES-BRITAIN-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.britain) SURNAMES-CANADA-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.canada) SURNAMES-GERMAN-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.german) SURNAMES-IRELAND-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland) SURNAMES-USA-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.usa) SURNAMES-MISC-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.misc) ============================================================= If you want to remain subscribed, you need do nothing except to wait for messages to come in. Please DO NOT try to send messages to the list yet. They won't go anywhere - yet. If you want to unsubscribe, go ahead and do that. You won't miss anything in the short run and will avoid a few [ADMIN] messages. Your email came to you from one of 21 lists. We have -L (individual email), -I (index), and -D (digest) lists for each of the mailing lists. There were/are -M lists formed originally, but these were made equivalent to the -L lists to conform to other RootsWeb list names. Margaret list manager [email protected]

    08/17/2003 08:49:58