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    1. Margaret Olson
    2. This message is the first step in bringing the following mailing lists and newsgroups back to life. Do not expect it to happen immediately, but before it does, the subscriber address lists need a major cleanup. ============================================================= NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE ============================================================= SURNAMES-L ( SURNAMES-BRITAIN-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.britain) SURNAMES-CANADA-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.canada) SURNAMES-GERMAN-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.german) SURNAMES-IRELAND-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland) SURNAMES-USA-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.usa) SURNAMES-MISC-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.misc) ============================================================= The above mailing lists and their associated Usenet newsgroups have had no messages since June 22, 2000. At that time software problems with the automoderator caused RootsWeb to shut down that software. You have received no messages from either the mailing lists or the newsgroups since then. In the past three years many people have remained subscribed to these mailing lists, and many more subscribed email addresses have become invalid for one reason or another. I will be sending out a series of messages over the next 3 or 4 days in an attempt to clear out non-working addresses and to inform you of the status of the lists. Margaret Olson list manager of all 7 connected SURNAMES-* lists

    08/16/2003 07:52:26