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    2. Margaret Olson
    3. This message is one of a series designed to clean up the subscriber list for this list. It is among the first steps in bringing the following mailing lists and newsgroups back to life. Don't expect messages for awhile, and don't try to send messages yet. We will tell you when you can do that. ============================================================= NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE ============================================================= SURNAMES-L ( SURNAMES-BRITAIN-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.britain) SURNAMES-CANADA-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.canada) SURNAMES-GERMAN-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.german) SURNAMES-IRELAND-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland) SURNAMES-USA-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.usa) SURNAMES-MISC-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.misc) ============================================================= SURNAMES-L/ is an "umbrella" list for SURNAMES-BRITAIN SURNAMES-IRELAND SURNAMES-GERMAN SURNAMES-CANADA SURNAMES-USA SURNAMES-MISC Any message posted to one of those mailing lists will also be sent to SURNAMES-L, and messages sent to SURNAMES-L will be sent to any of the above lists which are mentioned in the places field of the subject line of your message. Margaret list manager [email protected]

    08/19/2003 03:52:46