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    2. Margaret Olson
    3. This message is ninth of a series designed to clean up the subscriber list for this list. There will be one additional message in about 12 hours and then I'll leave you alone. Thanks for your patience. ============================================================= NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE ============================================================= SURNAMES-L ( SURNAMES-BRITAIN-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.britain) SURNAMES-CANADA-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.canada) SURNAMES-GERMAN-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.german) SURNAMES-IRELAND-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland) SURNAMES-USA-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.usa) SURNAMES-MISC-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.misc) ============================================================= The reason for these newsgroups is to allow posting newsgroup queries about surnames to a single place, keeping them out of the topic-oriented newsgroups. They are set up to get messages to sub-lists applying to specific countries or regions. The global list has all messages, but the others are region-specific. To learn about the formatting requirements for subject lines, see: These requirements may be amended as we bring back the newsgroups. We also plan to have a web form for sending messages, a form which will check the formatting and suggest corrections. Margaret Olson list manager

    08/22/2003 06:50:06