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    1. [S-ire] [ADMIN-7] This SURNAMES-* mailing list
    2. Margaret Olson
    3. This message is seventh in a series of 12 or so messages designed to clean up the subscriber list for this list. I'll stop sending them on or before Saturday morning, August 23. ============================================================= NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE ============================================================= SURNAMES-L ( SURNAMES-BRITAIN-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.britain) SURNAMES-CANADA-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.canada) SURNAMES-GERMAN-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.german) SURNAMES-IRELAND-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland) SURNAMES-USA-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.usa) SURNAMES-MISC-L (soc.genealogy.surnames.misc) ============================================================= There were nearly 12,000 addresses subscribed to the 21 different lists. Already more than 1000 addresses have been removed, either automatically by bouncing more than three messages or because subscribers decided they didn't want to be on a list. A lot of you forgot you were even here. Many messages bounced because they are to accounts which no longer exist. After 3 bounces the mailing list software at RootsWeb automatically unsubscribes addresses, so I need to send enough messages for 3 or 4 digests to go out in order to clear out the deadwood. I've gotten a LOT of email since I started this, but better now than later when real messages start to come through. I prefer to tell people who have forgotten about the Usenet newsgroup connection now, rather than fielding questions and complaints later. Usenet is a different world which connects to a lot of people who do not subscribe to mailing lists. Back in the good old days when the lists/newsgroups started we'd get 30 or 40 messages a day - or more - to the busiest lists/newsgroups. I hope that - and more - return. We considered just emptying the subscriber lists and telling people to resubscribe later, but decided against that for assorted reasons (such is how to define "later"). Anyhow, I'll stop on Saturday (or before). It will end - I promise. Margaret Olson list manager

    08/20/2003 05:02:51