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    1. MCCLOSKEY,James; IRL>SCT>IL,USA; 1841-1901
    2. wally
    3. MCCLOSKEY,James; IRL>SCT>IL,USA; 1841-1901 Re:McCLOSKEY/McCLUSKEY/McLUSKIE (and various spellings) I'm researching James McCLOSKEY b. May 1841, in Londonderry, Ireland. Around 1849, he immigrated with his parents Patrick and Janet McCloskey and four siblings: Margaret, John, Elizabeth Jane and Philip( all born in Londonderry) to Wishaw, Lanark, Scotland. James McCloskey married Mary GORMAN 02 September 1865, in Wishaw, Lanark, Scotland. Mary was b. circa 1846, in Althone, Ireland. In 1869, James immigrated to Bloomington, McLean Co.,Illinois,USA. And in 1872, his wife Mary with their three children: John, James and Patrick, immigrated and joined him in Bloomington, IL. A daughter Elizabeth was b. 29 June 1875, in Bloomington, IL. The family then moved to Streator, LaSalle Co., IL where two more children were born: Patrick (the first Patrick died) and Philip. Mary (Gorman) died 28 September 1883, and James died 02 December 1901, both in Streator, LaSalle Co., IL. Looking for connections and Ireland beginnings. Any help or suggestions to further my search for the McCLOSKEY and GORMAN families will be appreciated. Kind regards, Barbara Little, Pekin, IL,USA [email protected]

    05/16/1998 03:36:16
    1. MCCLOSKEY,Patrick; IRL>SCT; 1811-1860
    2. wally
    3. MCCLOSKEY,Patrick; IRL>SCT; 1811-1860 I'm researching Patrick McCLOSKEY/McCLUSKEY/McLUSKIE (and various spellings) b. circa 1811 in Londonderry, Ireland. He married Janet McCARTNEY b. circa 1815 in Londonderry, Ireland. Around 1849, the family which included five children: Margaret, John, James, Elizabeth Jane and Philip (all born in Londonderry) migrated from Londonderry, Ireland to Wishaw, Lanark, Scotland. Two more children were born in Scotland: Anne and Patrick. The father, Patrick McCLOSKEY, died sometime between the 1851 and 1861 Lanark, Sct. census. To my knowledge, James McCLOSKEY (son of Patrick and Janet) was the only child to immigrate to the US. The rest of the family remained in Wishaw or Hamilton, Scotland.. I'm looking for connections and the Londonderry beginnings of the McCloskey and McCartney families. Best regards Barbara Little, Pekin, IL [email protected]

    05/16/1998 02:47:18
    1. THOMS, Any; IRL; 1820
    2. Thomas J. Schmidt
    3. THOMS, Any; IRL; 1820 I've come across the surname THOMS in my research, from Ireland. I have not be able to find this surname in regards to a location in Ireland. Has anybody come across this name in their research? Spec. looking at: Archibald THOMS b. abt 1820 'in Ireland'. He was married to Jane WALT b. abt 1820 'in Ireland' They eventually emigrated to Scotland because their daughter Mary THOMS was born there in 1849 and married there in 1869 to William J. Evans (also born in Ireland). Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Tom Schmidt [email protected] "Thomas J. Schmidt" <[email protected]>

    05/16/1998 12:36:08
    2. Mary A. Kelly
    3. HAWTHORNE / DOWNEY; DOW,NIR>CAN; 1800 Patrick HAWTHORNE (son of John, shoemaker of Ballymacromwell) married Selina DOWNEY (d/o John, Farmer, Ringdufferin), 1847, in Killyleagh, Co. Down. They settled in Goulbourne Twp, Carleton Co, Ontario, Canada. Interested in ancestors and descendants. Thank you! -- Mary A. Kelly Sudbury, Ontario [email protected] Kelly Kanadian Kin <>

    05/16/1998 11:06:10
    1. BARRY Thomas / ROWLEY Catherine; IRL>IL,USA; 1880-
    2. greg robinson
    3. BARRY Thomas / ROWLEY Catherine; IRL>IL,USA; 1880- Hello, We are trying to find some info on Thomas Barry (1880? - 1948?) from County Mayo who married Catherine Rowley Barry (1885-1952). They eventually emigrated to Chicago,IL We are new at this so any help would be greatly apreciated. Thanx greg robinson <[email protected]>

    05/16/1998 09:32:12
    1. FINN; Gortaleen, KER,IRL; 1850
    2. FINN; Gortaleen, KER,IRL; 1850 Researching my ggf, James Finn, born Jan 1850 in Gortaleen, Co. Kerry, IRL. Parents are James Finn and Mary Dowd, married in Boolteens March 1840. Siblings are Patrick, Mary, Ellen and Daniel. Emigrated in 1871 to Boston, MA then moved west to mine for gold. Lived in Virginia City, Bodie and San Francisco. Married Ellen Fitzgerald, born Feb 1849 in Keel, Co. Kerry, IRL. Children are James, Mary, Richard, Ann, Catherine, Margaret, Josephine, Eleanor, John and Elizabeth. James Finn died 8 May 1925 in Stockton and wife Ellen died 28 Oct 1918 in San Francisco. Paula Starr Sherrin [email protected] Researching Finn, Fitzgerald, Dowd, Tucker, Sherrin, McCollins, Browne, Moore in Ireland

    05/16/1998 08:24:30
    1. TOBIN Michael Godfrey; TIP,IRL; c. 1900
    2. Diane
    3. TOBIN Michael Godfrey; TIP,IRL; c. 1900 Is anyone researching the Tobin family of Clonmel, Tipperary. Michael Godfrey Tobin came to Sydney around 1900. His parents were Patrick David Tobin and Norah Lawler. Any other connections? Warm Regards Diane Sydney, Australia Looking for Holdstock, Burgess, Aitchison, Tobin, Lawler, Orr, Dodds, Hanlon, Rizzardini "Diane" <[email protected]>

    05/15/1998 04:54:15
    1. Re: EGAN Patrick; IRL>NY,USA; 1850
    2. Rdeagan
    3. Re: EGAN Patrick; IRL>NY,USA; 1850 Thanks for all the Egan information. You may want to join the Clan Egan association (if you haven't already). There is a gathering in Maryland in June. Contact me if you are interested and I'll give you details on both. R. David Eagan [email protected] (Rdeagan)

    05/15/1998 12:13:10
    1. MCBRIDE Eliza Jane; IRL>OH,USA; 1825-1856
    2. Cindy Jones
    3. MCBRIDE Eliza Jane; IRL>OH,USA; 1825-1856 Need help on locating Eliza Jane McBride parents and siblings. She was born 5 Aug.1825 OH and Married Nathan Blackman in Scott Co, IA on 15 Dec. 1846 and died 25 Apr.1856 in Scott Co, IA. Had 4 females, namely, Clara, Amanda, Martha and Eliza Emma. Clara and Martha were the only ones to live to adulthood and have children of their own. Contact Cindy Jones at [email protected]

    05/15/1998 08:02:22
    1. RUTHVEN / TROTTER; DOW,NIR; c.1800
    2. Claude GREVENT
    3. RUTHVEN / TROTTER; DOW,NIR; c.1800 Searching for any information re Edward Southwell TROTTER (1773-1836) and his family. Married Mary PRYCE 1794. MP for Dublin 1801. A Royal Licence 1801: to assume the name of RUTHVEN. (An ancestor Alexander Ruthven had to flee from Perth, Scotland, in 1602 and then assumed the name of Trotter). An other Royal Licence of 1809: granting arms and supporters of Gowrie? Thanks. Claude GREVENT <[email protected]>

    05/15/1998 07:54:44
    1. LESTRANGE Edward; IRL; c.1800
    2. Armstrong
    3. LESTRANGE Edward; IRL; c.1800 I posted this the other day with one GLARING error, the date was wrong, so here goes again: Looking for Edward LESTRANGE b. 1784 IRL Daughter Catherine b.1804 m. J.MULLIN Many thanks to replies from Frances and Michael for their input. I will certainly follow up your leads. Regards, Barbara [email protected]

    05/15/1998 02:31:07
    1. Re: FERGUS Francis / MCCORMICK Mary; TYR,NIR>PA,USA>VA,USA/TN,USA; 1752-1941
    3. Re: FERGUS Francis / MCCORMICK Mary; TYR,NIR>PA,USA>VA,USA/TN,USA; 1752-1941 >Would like contact from McCormick surname persons as I have > almost little or NO information re: Mary. My Mary MCCORMICK was married to Patrick Donahue in County Cork, Ireland. Were parents of my grandmother, Elizabeth (1863); also of John, Mary and Catherine.(1864) Am searching for birth records of any of them. One will lead to another. I respond to acknowledge your request for contact with kin of MCCORMICK. Joe Connell [email protected] (SEMPERCONN)

    05/14/1998 07:13:24
    1. MCDANIEL Sarah; IRL>NJ,USA; 1833
    2. Cindy Jones
    3. MCDANIEL Sarah; IRL>NJ,USA; 1833 Need help at finding Sarah McDaniel's parents and siblings. She was born at abt 1833 in Jersey City, NY and moved to area around Delaware Co, OH. Got married abt 1853 in Licking Co, OH to Owen Edwards. Moved as family to Jackson Co, IA abt 1859. Owen Edwards died abt 1878 and Sarah remarried Manville Edwards in Silver Bow Co, MT and died there after 1882. Can anyone help or stir me in the right direction? Look in census in OH and NY already. Send message to Cindy Jones at [email protected]

    05/14/1998 07:48:09
    1. TUCKER; Cork & Waterford, IRL; 1795
    2. TUCKER; Cork & Waterford, IRL; 1795 Researching Thomas Tucker, born about 1795 in Co. Cork, IRL. He worked as a shoemaker. He had a daughter, Margaret, by his first wife. Margaret married John Sullivan, also from Cork, and had a daughter, Margaret. Thomas' second wife was Jane Connell, from Co. Waterford. Their children are Jake, Edmund, Patrick, Thomas George, and three other sons. Thomas George Tucker was born 21 Jan. 1854 in Cardiff, WLS. It is not known when the family moved to WLS. He was a hardware dealer. Thomas G. married Lydia Robins about 1877. They emigrated to Detroit, MI about 1879. Their children are Ethel Alice and Harold R. Ethel married John Louis Sherrin. Paula Starr Sherrin [email protected] Researching Tucker, Finn, Fitzgerald, Dowd, McCollins, Browne, Moore and Sherrin in Ireland

    05/13/1998 09:43:49
    1. WILSON; FER,NIR; 1823
    2. Thomas Wilson
    3. WILSON; FER,NIR; 1823 > Thomas and Margaret (maiden name unknown) WILSON, emigrated from County > Fermanagh to Hastings County, Ontario, Canada, between 1823 and 1834. They > would have been in the company of their eldest son John, and perhaps > another son Robert, along with Thomas's brother John and his wife Jane. I > have Thomas b. abt 1790; his brother John b. abt 1796; and Thomas's son > John b. October of 1815. Any links out there? > > **************************************************************** > Thomas Lester Wilson > [email protected] > Searching for: CLOUDS; ELDERS; DRAKES; WILSONS; WALKERS; AND LYNCHS. > *****************************************************************

    05/13/1998 03:45:19
    1. PLUNKETT; IRL>AUS; 1830-
    2. Brian Woods
    3. PLUNKETT; IRL>AUS; 1830- Hello all, I am trying to find any info I can on... Edward Plunkett married Margaret Downie about 1830. They had a son Joseph Plunkett born 1833 in Newcastle, Co. Downe. Joseph migrated to Australia at some stage, either alone or with his family, and married Nancy Wallace in Sandhurst Victoria on 28th October 1858. Nancy Wallace was previously married to a Joshua Sykes. If you can be of ANY assistance I would be grateful. TIA Brian Woods "Brian Woods" <[email protected]>

    05/13/1998 03:18:11
    1. MOORE; IRL> NE,USA; 1790-
    2. CootyDo
    3. MOORE; IRL> NE,USA; 1790- Descendants of: John A. MOORE b. before 1790 Ireland m. before 1806 Polly MAHAFFEY Ireland In alphabetical order: Addie MOORE m. Perry CORRELL Bertie MOORE Byron MOORE b. 24 Jul 1880 d. 15 Aug 1881 Dora MOORE Elsa Belle MOORE b. 19 Jun 1895 m. (1) 14 Jan 1914 BOWHALL; m. (2) 6 Jul 1920 BISORDI Eva MOORE m. BRUCH Flora MOORE d. 28 Sep 1932 Flora MOORE b. 1867 d. 1887 George H. MOORE b. 1 Feb 1899 d. 12 Sep 1925 George MOORE b. 3 May 1834 d. 20 May 1911 m. Mary (unknown) Gertrude MOORE b. 16 Mar 1865 d. 4 Jun 1939 m. 23 Nov 1895 Will CAIN d. 29 Jan 1939 Harlan MOORE b. 12 Oct 1885 d. 16 Oct 1890 Hattie Olive MOORE b. 27 Dec 1885 d. 16 Mar 1940 m. BEAVER b. 1872 d. Apr 1940 Hazel Irene MOORE b. 26 Dec 1892 m. 24 Mar 1909 Clyde MACKNIGHT Jacob Root MOORE b. 20 Apr 1841 d. 17 Jun 1914 m. (1) THOMAS m. (2) M. BERGMAN James H. MOORE b. 7 May 1854 d. 22 Jul 1935 m. (1) Maude STARK; m.(2) Lou STARK James B. MOORE b. 12 Oct 1806 d. 10 Jun 1878 m. 1829 Margaret SPRECHER James Butler MOORE Sr. b. 20 Jun 1839 d. 1912 m. 1866 Kate MOODY James Butler MOORE Jr. b. 2 May 1869 m. 22 Feb 1905 Ethel DAVER Jessie Vera MOORE b. 22 Apr 1886 m. 8 Nov 1908 Frank ANDERSON b. 20 Aug 1884 John Andrew MOORE Jr. m. Florence RODMAN d. 18 Sep 1930 John Andrew MOORE Sr. b. 4 Jun 1830 m. Polly Ann PIERCE Lulu Inez MOORE b. 29 Apr 1883 m. 16 Dec 1905 Oliver HEDDEN d. 4 Mar 1940 Margaret MOORE Mary Ann MOORE b. 12 Aug 1831 d. 17 Aug 1881 m. 17 Oct 1849 John BELLl b. 7 Dec 1826 Olive MOORE d. 11 Jan 1933 Phillip Sheridan MOORE m. Dollie CRUIKSHANK Rosco MOORE b. 2 May 1894 d. 11 Jul 1894 Sarah MOORE Stephen Girard MOORE b. 19 May 1837 d. 19 May 1847 Susan MOORE b. 12 Mar 1833 d. 5 Sep 1907 Irvington, Douglas Co., NE m. Lewis THOMAS Wilbur F. MOORE b. 26 Jan 1872 d. 11 Jul 1884 Willie MOORE Melinda K. Green CAST, CASTO, HUSTED, GREEN, HOOVER, CLARK, and more Migrations end in Oklahoma and Nebraska [email protected] (CootyDo)

    05/13/1998 12:50:23
    1. MAHAFFEY; IRL> NE,USA; -1806
    2. CootyDo
    3. MAHAFFEY; IRL> NE,USA; -1806 Polly MAHAFFEY. b. before 1806 m. before 1806 John A. MOORE b. before 1806. Both families immigrated from Ireland. Polly: could be Mary (Polly) as seems to be the naming tradition. I. James B. MOORE b. 12 Oct 1806, d.10 Jun 1878, m. 1829, Margaret SPRECHER, b. 17 Dec 1804, d. 15 Mar 1880 (daughter of John SPRECHER and Mary Magdalene PFEFFER). Margaret's grandparents: SPRECHER from Wuerttemberg, Germany; PFEFFER from Vicnee on the Rhine River. Later descendants settled in Ohio, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Melinda K. Green CAST, CASTO, HUSTED, GREEN, HOOVER, CLARK, and more Migrations end in Oklahoma and Nebraska [email protected] (CootyDo)

    05/13/1998 12:50:16
    1. LESTRANGE Edward; IRL; c. 1800
    2. Armstrong
    3. LESTRANGE Edward; IRL; c. 1800 I am searching for any info on Edward Lestrange born 1874 and had a daughter Catherine b.1804 m. J MULLIN I know it is not much to go on but I am clutching at straws. Regards, Barbara [email protected]

    05/13/1998 09:43:32
    1. COX,Martin; CLA,IRL>NY,USA; 1845
    2. Ray Gibbons
    3. COX,Martin; CLA,IRL>NY,USA; 1845 Lookimg ffffor information regarding my maternal great grandfather,Martin Cox.Born in County Clare,Ireland,in 1820,he emigrated to the US in1845.He married Ellen(last name unknown) and settled in the Town of Shelby,Orleans County,New York.He died in Holley,New York in 1891. Any help would be appreciated! Dr Ray Gibbons "Ray Gibbons" <[email protected]>

    05/13/1998 09:29:32