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    1. [SMALLMAN-UK] Josephus Smallman + his ancestors
    2. Roger Sammons
    3. Having joined the list at the weekend, I thought I would introduce myself ... and pose a question I hope someone will be able to answer. My great grandfather on my mother's side was Josephus Smallman - it's great to have someone with a unique (?) name like that in your ancestry. Anyway, I think I've traced back the family line as follows: Roger John Sammons (me!) - born 1948 Hilda Margaret Smallman - 1911 Sydney James Stubbs Smallman - 1870 Josephus (m. Charlotte Stubbs) - 1837 James (m. Elizabeth Caddick) - 1790 James (m. Jane Smith) - 1765 William (m. Ann Bennett) - born ??? And this is where I need help. I've found two possible christening records for William, one dated 1727 (to John and Mary) and the other for 1731 (to Joseph and Sarah). It would seem that John and Joseph were brothers (parents Thomas Smallman and Sarah Brown, who married in Kingswinford on 28 Dec 1682). John married Mary Baggott (4 Feb 1724 in Dudley) and their children were John, Sarah and William. Joseph married Sarah Cansal (23 Oct 1723 in Old Swinford) and their children were ALSO Sarah, William and John (+ Elizabeth who died). Has anyone else resolved this problem by looking at the actual records - I've just been sitting at the computer, searching mainly the IGI records? Roger PS If anyone else wants to share information about Josephus and his father (and previous generations) then I'd be glad to email directly.

    11/27/2006 04:02:37