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    1. Re: [SMALLMAN-UK] Josephus Smallman + his ancestors
    2. Roger Sammons
    3. Ida, I have to admit that I've yet to get off my backside and start looking at original copies of the records. Everything I've discovered has been through the UK Census (back to 1841) and then the IGI records at Knowing that Josephus' parents were James and Elizabeth, I entered that combination into a marriage search for the period 1800-1840 and came up with two possibilities in the West Midlands (UK) area, which fitted the bill. Performing a similar search for children with James and Elizabeth as parents gives you the two distinct families. Stupidly, I opted for the wrong one (as, at that time, the 1841 Census hadn't been released online) and never went back to re-check when it was released. I'll keep what I've done so far - for the time being at least. It can be accessed at via the World Tree Entries. Roger

    11/30/2006 09:39:09
    1. Re: [SMALLMAN-UK] Josephus Smallman + his ancestors
    2. Merle & Ida King
    3. Hi Roger Not a problem. We all do it. The list has an archive if you care to check out some old correspondences etc. go to Ida

    11/30/2006 06:53:26