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    3. -------- Original Message -------- Subject: Advertising my surname lists Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2010 02:22:04 -0000 From: "Admin" <> Reply-To: "Admin" <> To: <> Hi, I am the administrator for 6 very quiet surname lists and was wondering if it would be possible to let your list members know of their existance please. If you could post the following to your list I would be very grateful. Best Regards Mo (admin for the following lists) Hi, I would just like to let you know that there are lists for the following surnames: BLOXHAM including any variation of spelling, DAVIS-UK concentrating on the DAVIS surname in the United Kingdom, SALT surname including any variations in spelling, TEBBY-AUS-ENG for the discussion of the TEBBY surname including any variation of spelling, INGLESON surname including any variation of spelling and WHITEHOUSE including any variation in spelling. I have just started a roll call on all these lists, so now would be an ideal time to let other list members know of your interests in these surnames. If you would like to subscribe to any of the above just send an email to <> <> <> <> <> or <> with the word subscribe in the message subject and message body. Many thanks for your time Mo (admin for the above mentioned lists).

    01/02/2010 05:54:07