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    1. [SKATES] Skates, Montgomery, Down.
    2. thelma
    3. Dear Diane and Fellow Listers, We have been researching this name for over 25 years and have much to contribute. For anyone on this line out of Devon or surrounding counties, we have quite a few generations descending from Nathaniel Skates [Skeats]. I have long Word Documents which I am happy to post to any individual who requests same. We would love to make contact with someone from the line of Nathaniel, as it seems relevant to this region. It is not commonly used in most families. Many kind thanks for your interest.... Many kind thanks for your interesst and for those who might find a link... Sincerely in searching... Matthew and Thelma Birrell in Queensland Australia. Montgomery Skates Down : You wrote, Hi there, Diane list admin here. Is there anyone on this list that need any help with research from anybody?

    02/27/2012 10:01:34