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    1. ADMIN. POST - Difficulty in Receiving RootsWeb List Mail
    2. P. S. Wyant
    3. Hello, folks, I'm writing this to advise you of certain difficulties RootsWeb has had over the past couple of weeks in delivering mail to certain of its lists. In the most recent occurrence, the problem appears to be affecting lists that are on RootsWeb "lists5" server only. This list is on that server, hence this post. Briefly, the problem is that a number of smaller ISPs make use of various commercial services in an effort to control spam. One of those services is SpamCop ... you can find the SpamCop home page at: . Unfortunately, this particular spam control service doesn't really care very much about the accuracy of its protective services. The RootsWeb "lists5" server has been "blacklisted" by SpamCop three times over the past two weeks and each time, any ISP that uses this commercial service has rejected all legitimate list mail that it has received from RootsWeb for delivery. The result has been that significant volumes of legitimate list mail have been undelivered over this period and many subscribers have been bounced off their lists. If you're wondering if the list has been quieter than usual the past few days, this is likely the reason. There is more information on this current issue available in the yellow box at: . RootsWeb has done all it can to resolve the issue. They suggest that one thing that subscribers can do is to contact their ISP and request that RootsWeb list mail be "whitelisted", meaning that it will be delivered and the SpamCop settings will be ignored. Happy to respond to any subscribers' questions on this, of course ... pls contact me OFF-LIST at: [listname][email protected] Regards, Peter Wyant List Admin.

    02/11/2006 10:04:08