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    2. P. S. Wyant
    3. Hello, folks, within the next few days, RootsWeb will be changing its mail list software from "Smartlist" to "Mailman". (The software used by the Boards will also be changing but THIS notice deals with the change in List software only.) You can access a software migration schedule that will tell you when to expect this list to be migrated at: If you have any questions pertaining to the migration schedule, you can contact me at the admin address for this list: mailto:[INSERTLISTNAME][email protected] . How will this change in maillist software affect you as a user? The plan is "Not Much", but there are a number of changes of which you should be aware: 1. Most importantly, the distinction between "list" mode and "digest" mode will change such that users can only access one of these two modes using a single e-mail address. If you wish to subscribe to both modes, you must do so using two different addresses. 2. As a result, the "list" mode will no longer require the "-L" for subscriptions, unsubscriptions, and to send mail to the list. You will still be able to send messages to the list using the mailto:[INSERTLISTNAME][email protected] address you use now OR you can choose to drop the "-L" and send your messages to mailto:[INSERTLISTNAME] . Both addresses will work after the list has been migrated. (The "-D" will still be required for all "digest" mode actions.) 3. The deletion of the "-L" for "list" mode mail means that some of you will have to do some tweaking to your mail filters, but this should not be too onerous a task. 4. Unlike Smartlist, Mailman is more restrictive in respect of subscribes and unsubscribes. To subscribe or unsubscribe, the word SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE MUST now be in the Subject line of the e-mail ... just putting it in the text will be insufficient. On the plus side, there will be a "NO MAIL" mode now! 5. There will also be changes to the way in which (a) bounces, and (b) e-mail address on the "Reject" list are handled ... for example, List Admins. now won't be notified of any bounce until the bounce threshold for the list has been met, at which time the address(es) will be automatically unsubbed. This will take me some getting used to because I won't see from post to post who's bouncing, or why ... Why change at all? The "why" is that Smartlist, the software that is currently used for Rootsweb's lists is not only no longer supported but is held together with generations of bailing wire and bubble gum. The choice to migrate to new software was really no longer a choice, but a necessity if we are to continue to enjoy the ease of doing genealogy via our email in boxes. Take a deep breath. Count to ten. Do not panic. The tutorial (YES, there will be a tutorial available!) is very user-friendly. The software is easy to use. It will take a wee bit of getting accustomed to and life with it will be a bit different. There is also a new list for anyone to ask questions, seek advice, etc., on the new maillist software, and has been designed for list subscribers to discuss the updates and get/give peer assistance in adjusting e-mail filters, etc.: [email protected] (NOTE: No "-L"!! ... subscribe at mailto:[email protected] OR at mailto:[email protected] ). No doubt there will be other things that arise from time to time as well. As we enter this brave new world, pls contact me at the above admin address with any questions ... as usual, I'll try to assist as quickly as possible! Thanks, and continued good hunting! Peter Wyant List Admin.

    08/12/2006 03:52:16