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    2. Dear List Members This is the inofmation I have been able to collect. Descendants of Clay Simon Generation No. 1 1. CLAY1 SIMON was born Abt. 1830. He married JOSEPHINE GOBERT. She was born Abt. 1830. Child of CLAY SIMON and JOSEPHINE GOBERT is: 2. i. VALMON/EDMOUD2 SIMON, b. Abt. 1840. Generation No. 2 2. VALMON/EDMOUD2 SIMON (CLAY1) was born Abt. 1840. He married CELIANE GOBERT/GAUBERT. She was born 1850. Notes for VALMON/EDMOUD SIMON: This is probably the family of Valmon Edmond Simon As Because the family was french and spoke french they census taker probably could understand the spelling. 1880 Census for St Landry Parish Vol 14 ED47 Sheet 38 Line 1 Word # 8 Soundex 550 Family listed Simon, Valino W M 40 LA Simon Cerian W 30 LA Onile M 10 LA Abertin D 8 LA Camilia D 6 LA Orilla D 4 LA Alice D 2 LA Leonor D 6/12 LA Edmond Simon and Celianne Gaubert Simon did have a daughter named Eleonore Simon. Name is listed on ONeil/ Oneal Simon/Semons son Columbus Simon Certificate of Baptismal from the St Anthony of Padue Church, Eunice Louisiana record was witnessed March 10, 1964 Children of VALMON/EDMOUD SIMON and CELIANE GOBERT/GAUBERT are: 3. i. JEAN BAPTISTE O'NEIL SIMON/3 SEMONS, b. July 16, 1870, Eunice, Louisiana; d. March 08, 1954, McCurtain County, Idabel, Oklahoma. ii. ELEONORE SEMONS. Generation No. 3 3. JEAN BAPTISTE O'NEIL SIMON/3 SEMONS (VALMON/EDMOUD2 SIMON, CLAY1) was born July 16, 1870 in Eunice, Louisiana, and died March 08, 1954 in McCurtain County, Idabel, Oklahoma. He married AUGUSTA LEDET' January 28, 1897 in Church of St. Anthony of Padua, Enuice Louisianna, daughter of AUGUSTIN LEDET' and LOUISA MILSTEAD. She was born January 31, 1880 in Opelousas, Louisiana, and died June 09, 1965 in McCurtain County, Idabel, Oklahoma. Notes for JEAN BAPTISTE O'NEIL SIMON/ SEMONS: 1910 Census Clacasieu Parish, Louisiana Family SURNAME was Simon On certificate of Baptismal From the Church of St. Anthonys of Padua his name is listed as Jean Baptiste O'Neil Simon Page 6 NO 13t O'Neal changed it to Semons probably sometime after going to Oklahoma On the 1910 census for Calcasiue family listed as : O'Neal 39 Agathe 31 Sarah 12 Rita 10 Laverse 8 Joseph 6 * Name listed As Columbus Miller 3 Louise 2 months old O'neal father name was Valmon Edmund Simon O'neal mother name was Celianne Simon Maybe listed on the 1840 Census Certificate of Baptism Church of St. Anthony of Padua Eunice, Louisiana Jean Baptiste O'Neil Simon Child of Edmoud Simon and Celiane Gobert was born on 16, July 1870, baptised ont eh 20 day of July 1870 According to the Rite of theRoman Catholic Church by the Reverand O Bae' (name is unreadable) Sponsers being Clay Simon Joseohine Gobert Baptismal Register of Church of St. Anthony of Padua Eunice, Louisiana page 6 no 13t Dated May 13, 1939 Pastor Rev A. Martel The Church of St. Anthony of Padua Eunice, Louisiana burned down and no records exist now. More About JEAN BAPTISTE O'NEIL SIMON/ SEMONS: Burial: Canfield Cemetery also known as Fairview Cemetery, Idabel, Oklahoma Occupation: Famer in Oklahoma Notes for AUGUSTA LEDET': Copied from Transcript of Baptismal Record From Rector of St Landry Roman Catholic Church Opelousas, Louisiana Testimony 18, day of March 1940by Rector A. B. Calliard DOB: Augusta Ledet Jan 31, 1880 DOBaptismal March 4, 1880 Father name Augustin Ledet Mother name Louisa Milstead Sponsers were Edward Milstead Emma Martel Officiating Priest A. Eby Transcribe from a copy of a family bible page. From Kenneth Semons These name are listed Virginia Gobert Edward Simon Celiane Gobert Sarah Ann Chambless Rita Bush Joseph COlombus Simon Loeerse Simon George Miller SImon Louisa Shackelfrod Milton Simon Peter Lee Roy SImon Helen' Simon More About AUGUSTA LEDET': Burial: Canfield Cemetery also known as Fairview Cemetery, Idabel, Oklahoma Children of JEAN SEMONS and AUGUSTA LEDET' are: i. MILTON4 SEMONS. 4. ii. SARAH ANNEMARIE SEMONS, b. May 19, 1893, Oakdale, Louisiana; d. November 02, 1985, Tuscon, Arizona. iii. RITA SEMONS, b. Abt. 1900; m. (1) ?? GOBERT; m. (2) CALVIN BUSH. iv. LOUVERSE SEMONS, b. 1902; d. February 28, 1920, McCurtain County, Idabel, Oklahoma. Notes for LOUVERSE SEMONS: Probably died of pneumonia More About LOUVERSE SEMONS: Burial: Canfield Cemetery also known as Fairview Cemetery, Idabel, Oklahoma 5. v. JOSEPH COLUMBUS) SEMONS, b. September 24, 1903; d. January 12, 1999, Riverside, California. vi. GEORGE MILLER SEMONS, b. December 10, 1909, Oak Hill, Louisiana; d. July 07, 1973, McCurtian County, Idabel, Oklahoma; m. WILLIE HILL; d. Idabel Oklahoma. More About GEORGE MILLER SEMONS: Occupation: Barber 6. vii. LOUISE SEMONS, b. Abt. 1910. 7. viii. PETER LEROY SIMON/SEMONS, b. July 25, 1915, Oak Hill, Louisiana; d. August 28, 1970, McCurtain County, Idabel, Oklahoma. Does anyone connect with these names. Contact me at sthang11 Annette

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