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    2. P. S. Wyant
    3. Hello, folks, within the next few days, RootsWeb will be changing its mail list software from "Smartlist" to "Mailman". (The software used by the Boards will also be changing but THIS notice deals with the change in List software only.) You can access a software migration schedule that will tell you when to expect this list to be migrated at: If you have any questions pertaining to the migration schedule, you can contact me at the admin address for this list: mailto:[INSERTLISTNAME][email protected] . How will this change in maillist software affect you as a user? The plan is "Not Much", but there are a number of changes of which you should be aware: 1. Most importantly, the distinction between "list" mode and "digest" mode will change such that users can only access one of these two modes using a single e-mail address. If you wish to subscribe to both modes, you must do so using two different addresses. 2. As a result, the "list" mode will no longer require the "-L" for subscriptions, unsubscriptions, and to send mail to the list. You will still be able to send messages to the list using the mailto:[INSERTLISTNAME][email protected] address you use now OR you can choose to drop the "-L" and send your messages to mailto:[INSERTLISTNAME] . Both addresses will work after the list has been migrated. (The "-D" will still be required for all "digest" mode actions.) 3. The deletion of the "-L" for "list" mode mail means that some of you will have to do some tweaking to your mail filters, but this should not be too onerous a task. 4. Unlike Smartlist, Mailman is more restrictive in respect of subscribes and unsubscribes. To subscribe or unsubscribe, the word SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE MUST now be in the Subject line of the e-mail ... just putting it in the text will be insufficient. On the plus side, there will be a "NO MAIL" mode now! 5. There will also be changes to the way in which (a) bounces, and (b) e-mail address on the "Reject" list are handled ... for example, List Admins. now won't be notified of any bounce until the bounce threshold for the list has been met, at which time the address(es) will be automatically unsubbed. This will take me some getting used to because I won't see from post to post who's bouncing, or why ... Why change at all? The "why" is that Smartlist, the software that is currently used for Rootsweb's lists is not only no longer supported but is held together with generations of bailing wire and bubble gum. The choice to migrate to new software was really no longer a choice, but a necessity if we are to continue to enjoy the ease of doing genealogy via our email in boxes. Take a deep breath. Count to ten. Do not panic. The tutorial (YES, there will be a tutorial available!) is very user-friendly. The software is easy to use. It will take a wee bit of getting accustomed to and life with it will be a bit different. There is also a new list for anyone to ask questions, seek advice, etc., on the new maillist software, and has been designed for list subscribers to discuss the updates and get/give peer assistance in adjusting e-mail filters, etc.: [email protected] (NOTE: No "-L"!! ... subscribe at mailto:[email protected] OR at mailto:[email protected] ). No doubt there will be other things that arise from time to time as well. As we enter this brave new world, pls contact me at the above admin address with any questions ... as usual, I'll try to assist as quickly as possible! Thanks, and continued good hunting! Peter Wyant List Admin.

    08/12/2006 03:52:16
    1. Descendants of Guillaume Simon
    2. Morris Simon
    3. My SIMON interests in Louisiana are in the descendants of merchant seaman Guillaume Simon and his wife Marie Jeanne Roy of the German Coast. Their sons Louis and Michel were among the first settlers and farmers in St. James Parish and their descendants were concentrated in the German-Acadian Coast parishes. If you are connected to these Simons, please let me know. Morris Simon

    06/13/2006 06:26:57
    1. ADMIN. POST - Difficulty in Receiving RootsWeb List Mail
    2. P. S. Wyant
    3. Hello, folks, I'm writing this to advise you of certain difficulties RootsWeb has had over the past couple of weeks in delivering mail to certain of its lists. In the most recent occurrence, the problem appears to be affecting lists that are on RootsWeb "lists5" server only. This list is on that server, hence this post. Briefly, the problem is that a number of smaller ISPs make use of various commercial services in an effort to control spam. One of those services is SpamCop ... you can find the SpamCop home page at: . Unfortunately, this particular spam control service doesn't really care very much about the accuracy of its protective services. The RootsWeb "lists5" server has been "blacklisted" by SpamCop three times over the past two weeks and each time, any ISP that uses this commercial service has rejected all legitimate list mail that it has received from RootsWeb for delivery. The result has been that significant volumes of legitimate list mail have been undelivered over this period and many subscribers have been bounced off their lists. If you're wondering if the list has been quieter than usual the past few days, this is likely the reason. There is more information on this current issue available in the yellow box at: . RootsWeb has done all it can to resolve the issue. They suggest that one thing that subscribers can do is to contact their ISP and request that RootsWeb list mail be "whitelisted", meaning that it will be delivered and the SpamCop settings will be ignored. Happy to respond to any subscribers' questions on this, of course ... pls contact me OFF-LIST at: [listname][email protected] Regards, Peter Wyant List Admin.

    02/11/2006 10:04:08
    1. ADMIN. POST - RootsWeb's Mail Servers to be Off-Line
    2. P. S. Wyant
    3. Folks, RootsWeb's mail servers are being located overnight, Wed to Thu this week, so most of RootsWeb's services, including the HelpDesk, will be down/stopped/off-line during the relocation. RootsWeb's Message Boards <> and World Connect <> will be available as they have already been relocated. E-mail bound for RootsWeb should be held by your ISP automatically until the servers are back on-line and ready to receive e-mail again. If an e-mail does bounce back to you, please hold off re-sending it for a period of six hours. The time scheduled for the servers to be off is Thu, 19 Jan, from midnight until 6 a.m. in Utah (MST). This translates to the starting time in the USA & Canada of Thu, 2 a.m. (EST), 1 a.m. (CST), Wed, 11 p.m. (PST), etc. In the U.K., it's 7 a.m. (GMT); in NZ, 8 p.m. ; in Aus, 6 p.m. (AEDT), all on Thu. There is an associated issue ... As part of the server relocation, there is a "high possibility" that some/all of the servers will be getting new IP addresses. The potential problem is that if particular ISPs have whitelisted current RootsWeb IP addresses, the new addresses might very well be blacklisted unless/until RootsWeb can contact the relevant ISPs to allow mail through unimpeded. RootsWeb and I will be watching for this eventuality on this list ... some patience on your part might be required! Thanks ... any comments to me off-list, please ... Peter List Admin.

    01/18/2006 12:50:59
    1. ADMIN. POST - Test Post
    2. P. S. Wyant
    3. Just a routine test, folks, to make sure the list is working correctly ... nothing to be alarmed about. Any comments to me off-list, please. Thanks & regards, Peter List Admin.

    07/11/2005 02:18:50
    1. ADMIN. POST - U.S. National Library Week
    2. P. S. Wyant
    3. Folks, to celebrate National Library Week in the U.S., Thomson Gale is offering FREE ACCESS to 30 databases during the period 10 to 16 April, inclusive. Thomson Gale's home page is at: and details on the 30 databases are at: Although several of their databases will be of interest, perhaps the most useful one is: The Times Digital Archive, 1785-1985--which contains every page as published from 200 years of The Times of London. The Times is the "world's newspaper of record" and covers all major international historical events from the French Revolution to the Falklands War. For the first time, users will be able to search the full-text of the entire newspaper, including articles, editorials, birth, death and marriage notices and advertising. If you have relatives who lived in London at some point in time, this database could hold some surprises. Even doing a simple surname search may yield new information about your family. Mark you calendars for log in on April 10th: For more information about The Times Digital Archive: Important Technical Requirements: Here's what you'll need to use these databases: 1. A computer with Internet access 2. A Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape 3. The browser must be configured to accept cookies 4. A monitor configured to have at least 800X600 screen resolution 5. Java script must be enabled in the browser ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON THE TIMES OF LONDON: "Introducing The Times Digital Archive, the first of several online digitized newspapers from Gale's highly anticipated Historical Newspapers Archive initiative. With The Times Digital Archive, researchers now have an unparalleled opportunity to search and view the best-known and most cited newspaper in the world online in its original published context. Every complete page of every issue of The Times (London) from 1785 to 1985. Every headline, article and image. Every front page, editorial, birth and death notice, advertisement and classified ad that appeared within the pages of The Times (London) will be easily accessible from what promises to be a complete virtual chronicle of history for this period." ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please feel free to post any of the "finds" you make from this Thomson Gale week of free access to the list! Good hunting! Peter List Admin. ============================== View and search Historical Newspapers. Read about your ancestors, find marriage announcements and more. Learn more:

    04/07/2005 12:08:27
    1. Arcadians.?
    2. The Simon family I have in my line may have went from Alderney Island to North East Lousianna or back to the Channel Islands. The Simon like many others in my line is of Norman French Extraction. If you can add to this please contact me off list. thank you. keep on-keeping on-never quit. Roger

    07/18/2004 08:21:54
    1. Test message
    2. Morris Simon
    3. Just a test to see if the list is still active. Is anyone out here? I'm studying all descendants of Guillaume Simon & Jeanne Roy/Roi on the German-Acadian Coast and would like to share information with anyone interested in the same lineage. Morris Morris Simon [email protected]

    07/30/2003 04:43:46
    1. Simon/Guillory Connection
    2. Louise Wood
    3. I am seking informtion on my paternal grandparents, Artelus Simon and Alcina Guillory Simon. I don't have birth or death dates. I only know they settled in Opelousas, La. St. Landry Parish where my father was bron in 1906.

    10/09/2001 01:25:08
    1. Simon in Wisconsin
    2. I have Simons in Wasington Co. Wi and they were also in Scranton, PA Anyone researching these lines? Lenora from Wisconsin

    07/21/2001 12:24:03
    1. Lists up for adoption
    2. Morris Simon
    3. Fellow listers of SIMON-L & SIMON-LA-L: I am no longer going to have time to work with these lists and am putting them up for adoption. If any of you are interested in adopting the lists, please visit and indicate your interest by visiting the list adoption link. Thanks, and Happy Hunting! Morris Simon

    02/27/2001 03:28:33
    1. Lists up for adoption
    2. Morris Simon
    3. Fellow listers of SIMON-L & SIMON-LA-L: I am no longer going to have time to work with these lists and am putting them up for adoption. If any of you are interested in adopting the lists, please visit and indicate your interest by visiting the list adoption link. Thanks, and Happy Hunting! Morris Simon

    02/27/2001 03:17:24
    1. Descendants of Guillaume SIMON
    2. Morris Simon
    3. Dear Listers, Here are some of the descendants of Guillaume SIMON and Marie Jeanne ROY from colonial Louisiana which I have in my database. If any of these names sound familiar, perhaps we can share information and details. Please reply offlist. Morris [email protected] Name Birth date Died Simon, Aischa Maria PRIVATE Simon, Albin A. PRIVATE Simon, Aliene Simon, Allen J. PRIVATE Simon, Amelie ca Dec 1877 Jul 1878 Simon, Amelie 19 Jul 1834 Simon, Anatole 5 Apr 1895 Mar 1965 Simon, Andrew Clayton 'Andy' PRIVATE Simon, Angele Anne 6 Oct 1893 Simon, Anicet Joseph 15 Sep 1903 11 Sep 1992 Simon, Anna Marie 18 May 1895 3 Mar 1939 Simon, Augustin Honore 7 Aug 1872 1935 Simon, Austin Blake PRIVATE Simon, Babee Elizabeth 6 Apr 1828 Simon, Barry Anthony PRIVATE Simon, Camille Simon, Catherine Louise 14 Feb 1792 Simon, Ceran Anatole 22 Jul 1852 May 1883 Simon, Ceran Froisin 28 Sep 1829 22 Nov 1868 Simon, Chrissy Ann 26 Jul 1991 16 Oct 1991 Simon, Christopher Anthony PRIVATE Simon, Claire Simon, Clarence Paul PRIVATE Simon, Claude Joseph 23 Feb 1910 31 Oct 1965 Simon, Cynthia Lorraine PRIVATE Simon, David Anthony PRIVATE Simon, Donald Simon, Edward 30 May 1909 Jan 1982 Simon, Ernest Anthony PRIVATE Simon, Felix Simon, Gaspard Leon 9 Jan 1913 Simon, George Leufroy Simon, Gertrude Simon, Guillaume 19 Jan 1744 1782 Simon, Guy Albert 12 Sep 1888 1923 Simon, Honore Theodore 18 May 1849 28 Nov 1913 Simon, Irene Simon, Isabel Simon, Jacob Charles PRIVATE Simon, Jacques Simon, Jean 2 Sep 1877 Simon, Jean Baptiste 8 Sep 1851 1923 Simon, Jean Ruffin 14 Jun 1831 1880 Simon, Joseph Simon, Joseph Simon, Joseph 16 Feb 1835 1835 Simon, Joseph Edouard 'Edward' 26 Jun 1872 24 Jan 1947 Simon, Josephine 4 Nov 1817 15 Feb 1819 Simon, Jules Guillaume 13 Feb 1826 Simon, Julienne Adele 9 Jan 1855 Simon, Kathryn 'Katie' Elizabeth PRIVATE Simon, Keah Marie PRIVATE Simon, Lana Marie PRIVATE Simon, Laure Simon, Lauren K. PRIVATE Simon, Leon Guillaume 15 Jun 1824 7 Apr 1900 Simon, Leon Rene 10 Mar 1875 1914 Simon, Leufroy 20 Sep 1799 17 Jan 1840 Simon, Leufroy Jr. 13 Jun 1819 12 Aug 1873 Simon, Lois PRIVATE Simon, Loretta Marie PRIVATE Simon, Louie Simon, Louis 4 Mar 1822 Simon, Louis ca 1768 ca 20 Feb 1816 Simon, Louise Simon, Louise Josephine 19 Aug 1860 Simon, Lubin Edgard 15 Sep 1879 Simon, Luke Andrew PRIVATE Simon, Madeleine Rachelle 'Shelley' PRIVATE Simon, Madeline Irma Jul 1858 Simon, Marguerite Anita PRIVATE Simon, Marianne Octavie 11 Apr 1824 Simon, Marie Amanda 5 Feb 1885 1900 Simon, Marie Amelie (Aurelie) 31 Mar 1870 1955 Simon, Marie Celenia 30 Mar 1867 Simon, Marie Elia 17 May 1879 Simon, Marie Froiselie 3 Sep 1840 1938 Simon, Marie Hermance 13 Jul 1877 Simon, Marie Irma 5 Aug 1877 1975 Simon, Marie Leontine 4 Apr 1854 1937 Simon, Marie Louise 16 Feb 1830 23 Apr 1903 Simon, Marie Melisere 2 Oct 1793 Simon, Marie Olympe 17 Sep 1879 1977 Simon, Marie Regina 21 Mar 1882 1976 Simon, Marie Zulme 18 Feb 1836 Simon, Mary Claire PRIVATE Simon, Mary Elizabeth PRIVATE Simon, Matthew Allen PRIVATE Simon, Maureen M. PRIVATE Simon, Mazila Simon, Michel 7 Jun 1795 bef. 1867 Simon, Michel 1819 25 Sep 1853 Simon, Michel ca 1765 29 Jul 1815 Simon, Minor H. 31 Oct 1923 10 Dec 1987 Simon, Morris Andrew III. PRIVATE Simon, Morris Andrew Jr. 26 Nov 1918 18 Jul 1964 Simon, Morris Andrew Sr. 4 Feb 1898 10 May 1944 Simon, Myrthee M. 8 Jan 1897 26 Nov 1984 Simon, Olive Josephine 19 Mar 1899 14 Apr 1989 Simon, Olympe Simon, Pelagie ca 1769 21 Nov 1858 Simon, Pierre Charles 16 Feb 1827 1880 Simon, Rachal PRIVATE Simon, Ralph Maurice PRIVATE Simon, Rebecca Leigh PRIVATE Simon, Rene 15 Sep 1911 Sep 1972 Simon, Renee Fay PRIVATE Simon, Richard 'Ricky' Raymond PRIVATE Simon, Richard Joseph PRIVATE Simon, Richard Pie 5 May 1906 23 Aug 1970 Simon, Rochelle Ann PRIVATE Simon, Rosa Amelie 4 Sep 1879 Simon, Scarlet PRIVATE Simon, Sharon Anne PRIVATE Simon, Sidney Simon, Stanley Lucien PRIVATE Simon, Stephanie Michelle PRIVATE Simon, Steven J. PRIVATE Simon, Telesphore 10 Feb 1838 Simon, Unknown 15 Mar 1821 15 Mar 1821 Simon, Victoire 'Victoria' 21 Oct 1776 May 1802 Simon, Victoria ca 1842 Simon, Virginia

    08/19/2000 05:07:57
    1. Re: SIMON-LA-D Digest V00 #1
    2. Dear List Members This is the inofmation I have been able to collect. Descendants of Clay Simon Generation No. 1 1. CLAY1 SIMON was born Abt. 1830. He married JOSEPHINE GOBERT. She was born Abt. 1830. Child of CLAY SIMON and JOSEPHINE GOBERT is: 2. i. VALMON/EDMOUD2 SIMON, b. Abt. 1840. Generation No. 2 2. VALMON/EDMOUD2 SIMON (CLAY1) was born Abt. 1840. He married CELIANE GOBERT/GAUBERT. She was born 1850. Notes for VALMON/EDMOUD SIMON: This is probably the family of Valmon Edmond Simon As Because the family was french and spoke french they census taker probably could understand the spelling. 1880 Census for St Landry Parish Vol 14 ED47 Sheet 38 Line 1 Word # 8 Soundex 550 Family listed Simon, Valino W M 40 LA Simon Cerian W 30 LA Onile M 10 LA Abertin D 8 LA Camilia D 6 LA Orilla D 4 LA Alice D 2 LA Leonor D 6/12 LA Edmond Simon and Celianne Gaubert Simon did have a daughter named Eleonore Simon. Name is listed on ONeil/ Oneal Simon/Semons son Columbus Simon Certificate of Baptismal from the St Anthony of Padue Church, Eunice Louisiana record was witnessed March 10, 1964 Children of VALMON/EDMOUD SIMON and CELIANE GOBERT/GAUBERT are: 3. i. JEAN BAPTISTE O'NEIL SIMON/3 SEMONS, b. July 16, 1870, Eunice, Louisiana; d. March 08, 1954, McCurtain County, Idabel, Oklahoma. ii. ELEONORE SEMONS. Generation No. 3 3. JEAN BAPTISTE O'NEIL SIMON/3 SEMONS (VALMON/EDMOUD2 SIMON, CLAY1) was born July 16, 1870 in Eunice, Louisiana, and died March 08, 1954 in McCurtain County, Idabel, Oklahoma. He married AUGUSTA LEDET' January 28, 1897 in Church of St. Anthony of Padua, Enuice Louisianna, daughter of AUGUSTIN LEDET' and LOUISA MILSTEAD. She was born January 31, 1880 in Opelousas, Louisiana, and died June 09, 1965 in McCurtain County, Idabel, Oklahoma. Notes for JEAN BAPTISTE O'NEIL SIMON/ SEMONS: 1910 Census Clacasieu Parish, Louisiana Family SURNAME was Simon On certificate of Baptismal From the Church of St. Anthonys of Padua his name is listed as Jean Baptiste O'Neil Simon Page 6 NO 13t O'Neal changed it to Semons probably sometime after going to Oklahoma On the 1910 census for Calcasiue family listed as : O'Neal 39 Agathe 31 Sarah 12 Rita 10 Laverse 8 Joseph 6 * Name listed As Columbus Miller 3 Louise 2 months old O'neal father name was Valmon Edmund Simon O'neal mother name was Celianne Simon Maybe listed on the 1840 Census Certificate of Baptism Church of St. Anthony of Padua Eunice, Louisiana Jean Baptiste O'Neil Simon Child of Edmoud Simon and Celiane Gobert was born on 16, July 1870, baptised ont eh 20 day of July 1870 According to the Rite of theRoman Catholic Church by the Reverand O Bae' (name is unreadable) Sponsers being Clay Simon Joseohine Gobert Baptismal Register of Church of St. Anthony of Padua Eunice, Louisiana page 6 no 13t Dated May 13, 1939 Pastor Rev A. Martel The Church of St. Anthony of Padua Eunice, Louisiana burned down and no records exist now. More About JEAN BAPTISTE O'NEIL SIMON/ SEMONS: Burial: Canfield Cemetery also known as Fairview Cemetery, Idabel, Oklahoma Occupation: Famer in Oklahoma Notes for AUGUSTA LEDET': Copied from Transcript of Baptismal Record From Rector of St Landry Roman Catholic Church Opelousas, Louisiana Testimony 18, day of March 1940by Rector A. B. Calliard DOB: Augusta Ledet Jan 31, 1880 DOBaptismal March 4, 1880 Father name Augustin Ledet Mother name Louisa Milstead Sponsers were Edward Milstead Emma Martel Officiating Priest A. Eby Transcribe from a copy of a family bible page. From Kenneth Semons These name are listed Virginia Gobert Edward Simon Celiane Gobert Sarah Ann Chambless Rita Bush Joseph COlombus Simon Loeerse Simon George Miller SImon Louisa Shackelfrod Milton Simon Peter Lee Roy SImon Helen' Simon More About AUGUSTA LEDET': Burial: Canfield Cemetery also known as Fairview Cemetery, Idabel, Oklahoma Children of JEAN SEMONS and AUGUSTA LEDET' are: i. MILTON4 SEMONS. 4. ii. SARAH ANNEMARIE SEMONS, b. May 19, 1893, Oakdale, Louisiana; d. November 02, 1985, Tuscon, Arizona. iii. RITA SEMONS, b. Abt. 1900; m. (1) ?? GOBERT; m. (2) CALVIN BUSH. iv. LOUVERSE SEMONS, b. 1902; d. February 28, 1920, McCurtain County, Idabel, Oklahoma. Notes for LOUVERSE SEMONS: Probably died of pneumonia More About LOUVERSE SEMONS: Burial: Canfield Cemetery also known as Fairview Cemetery, Idabel, Oklahoma 5. v. JOSEPH COLUMBUS) SEMONS, b. September 24, 1903; d. January 12, 1999, Riverside, California. vi. GEORGE MILLER SEMONS, b. December 10, 1909, Oak Hill, Louisiana; d. July 07, 1973, McCurtian County, Idabel, Oklahoma; m. WILLIE HILL; d. Idabel Oklahoma. More About GEORGE MILLER SEMONS: Occupation: Barber 6. vii. LOUISE SEMONS, b. Abt. 1910. 7. viii. PETER LEROY SIMON/SEMONS, b. July 25, 1915, Oak Hill, Louisiana; d. August 28, 1970, McCurtain County, Idabel, Oklahoma. Does anyone connect with these names. Contact me at sthang11 Annette

    05/05/2000 01:33:28
    1. Update from list manager
    2. Morris Simon
    3. Greetings to all you SIMON and SIMON-LA listers. Both of these lists have been dormant for a long time. I've been busier than usual with my real job and have not had time to keep the fires going, but perhaps I can be more active during the summer months. It might help if you will reply with names, brick walls, lookup requests, and URL suggestions. I have just uploaded a fairly large GEDCOM to Rootsweb which has quite a few Louisiana SIMON names, all of which are descended from Guillaume SIMON, a merchant seaman born in 1744 in Bordeaux, France, and his wife, Marie Jeanne Roy. You can browse the GEDCOM at: Let me know if you find a link. I also urge each of you with personal GEDCOM files to submit them to the WorldConnect project at Rootsweb. Just go to the main Rootsweb page ( and follow the links. I hope we can make these lists work for you. Morris <[email protected]> or ([email protected]>

    05/04/2000 04:10:06

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    1. Index of /BourbonStreet/1781/France/Poitiers
    2. --WebTV-Mail-5986-2045 Content-Type: Text/Plain; Charset=US-ASCII Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7Bit Great photos !!! --WebTV-Mail-5986-2045 X-URL-Title: Index of /BourbonStreet/1781/France/Poitiers Content-Disposition: Inline Content-Type: Text/Plain; Charset=US-ASCII Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7Bit --WebTV-Mail-5986-2045--

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