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    1. Re: [SIEPERT] SIEPERTs of Green Lake County, WIS
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    3. [1]ancestry This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list. Author: GaryRRebholz Surnames: Siepert Sievert Sieverts Siever Sievers Classification: queries Message Board: [2]Click here Message Board Post: "... Some later moved to Milwaukee and other parts of Wisconsin. ..." Siepert (or Sievert Sieverts Siever Sievers, etc.) can be a tricky name to index from the large microfilm archive of German language newspapers published throughout Wisconsin: condition of the newspapers when they were microfilmed, the quality of the microfilming and the microfilm, even results of the typesetting where a character's tail or stem gets chopped or smeared off below the line. Any of those things can make it real difficult to differentiate between the lower-case German characters "v" and "p"! It's just one of the many crosses to bear while creating the resource called "Milwaukee's German Newspapers; an index of death notices and related items" (1844-1950). Important Note: The author of this message may not be subscribed to this list. If you would like to reply to them, please click on the Message Board URL link above and respond on the board. [3]Contact Us [4]Online Help Please add [5] to your address book to make sure you don't miss an email. You are receiving this email because you have registered with Ancestry using the email address [6] Your privacy is important to us. View our [7]Privacy Statement for more information. Use of [8] is subject to our [9]Terms and Conditions. © 2016 [10]ANCESTRY.COM [11] Operations Inc. 360 West 4800 North, Provo, UT 84604 USA References 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. file://localhost/tmp/tmpb8ShaB.html 6. file://localhost/tmp/tmpb8ShaB.html 7. 8. file://localhost/tmp/tmpb8ShaB.html 9. 10. file://localhost/tmp/tmpb8ShaB.html 11. file://localhost/tmp/tmpb8ShaB.html

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    1. [SIEPERT] SIEPERTs of Green Lake County, WIS
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    3. [1]ancestry This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list. Author: KenNeumann134 Surnames: SIEPERT, KRUEGER, WITT Classification: biography Message Board: [2]Click here Message Board Post: Hello, I've done lots of research on the SIEPERT families found especially in Green Lake Co. (Johann Gottlieb Siepert and Anna Cath. KRUEGER children especially) , Henrietta b 1846 (married Christoph WITT). They were born in Putzig, Netzekreis, Posen. Some later moved to Milwaukee and other parts of Wisconsin. For more, just respond here, and I'll get back to you. Ken Neumann Important Note: The author of this message may not be subscribed to this list. If you would like to reply to them, please click on the Message Board URL link above and respond on the board. [3]Contact Us [4]Online Help Please add [5] to your address book to make sure you don't miss an email. You are receiving this email because you have registered with Ancestry using the email address [6] Your privacy is important to us. View our [7]Privacy Statement for more information. Use of [8] is subject to our [9]Terms and Conditions. © 2015 [10]ANCESTRY.COM [11] Operations Inc. 360 West 4800 North, Provo, UT 84604 USA References 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. file://localhost/tmp/tmpd9JJ6T.html 6. file://localhost/tmp/tmpd9JJ6T.html 7. 8. file://localhost/tmp/tmpd9JJ6T.html 9. 10. file://localhost/tmp/tmpd9JJ6T.html 11. file://localhost/tmp/tmpd9JJ6T.html

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    1. [SIEPERT] just updated family website has seubert, seibert, seeber, siver
    2. Shirley Becker via
    3. Shirley Becker

    09/07/2015 08:10:09
    1. [SIEPERT] Johann Martin Seubert
    2. Shirley Becker via
    3. Hope someone can use this info Arrived in “Fame” 1710 1710, Third List Ship: Fame Captain: Walter Houxton From: London Arrival: 14 Jun 1710 This reconstructed passenger list is based on the first part (75 names) of the 1 July 1710 subsistence list along with any who appear to have been part of their households. Johann Adolph Arthopoeus, a passenger listed below, was the listmaster on the ship Fame which arrived 14 June 1710 indicating most of these passengers were probably on that ship. Hunter # Name, Age Place of Origin (Town, Province) 10+/ under 10 Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.) 716 Johann Martin Seubert, 36 Anna Maria Maria Elisabetha, 5 Johann Jacob, 2 Lambsheim, Bayern (Pfalz) 2-2 1st arrivals in London. Seibert, Johann Martin wife Anna Marie & 3 children New Hayesbury viewed April 20, 2002 Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild Simmendinger Register M-Z Simmendinger Register A-L Germany via England to New York January, 1710 This register was originally prepared by Ulrich Simmendinger after his return to Germany from the colonies, where he had been part of the Palatine migration for seven years. The names given are all who were living in 14 early New York settlements at the time of his departure in 1717. It is assumed most of these were passengers of a fleet of 10 ships (names of ships unknown), 3000 people, leaving England January 1710. History of the Register and Ulrich Simmendinger Ulrich Simmendinger was born in 1672 in the city of Reutlingen which is some twenty miles south of Stuttgart in the Province of Wurtemberg, Germany. His occupation is unknown. He married Anna Maria Schnabel of Cannstatt, a town near Stuttgart. They had two children. Simmendinger departed for England with his wife and children on July 31, 1709 being attracted to America by the promises of William Penn's Quaker agents, who sought colonists for the newly established commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In 1710 the Queen, getting pressure from the parties in England, felt it necessary to restrict emigration from Germany. A group of Germans, including the Simmendinger family landed in England after waiting several weeks for permission to cross the Channel. It is here that the two Simmendiger children died. It is assumed that he and his wife were among the 3,000 Palatines who sailed from London in a fleet of ten ships in January, 1710. On this voyage some 480 passengers died and one vessel was wrecked on the American coast. The voyage took six months. After reaching New York they were quarantined for five months on Nutten (now Governor's) Island where 250 more succumbed to ship's fever and 84 orphaned children were apprenticed. The names appearing here may also be found in the Ration Lists of Governor Hunter, in the Colonial Census of 1710, and at least two in the List of Apprenticed Children, 1710-1714. Original found in the New York Public Library in 1926, now public record. Photostat copies can be had by addressing the New York Library. It consists of 24 pages, printed in German. Transcribed by Sheila Tate a member of the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild 30 October 2001 From: Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 10:18:35 -0500 To: Shirley, go to [Use wayback machine] for a very extensive family tree of Johann. Seibert became Siver apparently in the third generation, with Martin Siver, son of George Adam Seibert, who was son of Johann. I don't see a Martin born in 1801, but there is one born in 1806, son of Jacob Siver. Did you find the ship list with Johann on it? It's the "1710 Third List", Hunter # 716. Also, Johann was a vine dresser by occupation (Lambsheim being in a prime wine growing area), and he had a brother named Conrad. Good luck! Keith Siver Done by Naomi Dryden, Phoenix NY. Papers are in file. Name as listed in “The Palatine’s of New York State” by Hank Z. Jones Johann Martin Seubert. 1. London Lists: Martin Seibert aged 35, his wife, a son aged 2 a daughter aged 4. Ref., husbandman and vinedresser, were in the 1st arrivals in England in 1709; they were noted one name from John Zeber aged 46 and his family. 2. Hunter Rolls #716: Johann Martin Seubert , 2 pers over 10 yrs and 2 pers under 10 yrs.. 3. Albany Naturalizatiions: Johann Martin Seybert 13 Mar 1715/16 (next to Johan Jacob Seybert) 4. "The Simmending Register" pg. 17 July 1709 Johann Martin Seiber and his wife Anna Marie and 3 children left the Rhine Palatinate for England and America. They were settled in the New Hayesbury Camp, which was one of four camps located on the East side of the Hudson River where Germantown is now located. The Simmendinger Register: Seibert, Johann Martin, (j) w. Anna Marie & 3 ch. (j) - Nere = Heesberg - Fuchsendorf. 5. Stone Arabia Patent: Martin Seybert patentee 1723(additional documentation, John Krems Jacob Seyber...(and ) Anna Maria w/o John Bickels(was) said Martin Seybert’s daughter Lou MacWethy Palatine Records and Kocherthal records, Schoharie, NY. Lots #22 and 50 of the Stone Arabia Patent. From Schoharie to Mohawk Valley pg.163 19 Oct 1723. 12,700 acres of land in Stone Arabia Patent granted to 27 individuals who had secured an indian title: Hans Deterick Cassalman, Lodowick Cassalman,William Copernall, Johannes Cromse,Warren Digart, Sufferinus Digart, Marden Dellinbeck, Adam Ensign, Johannes Ensign, Simon Erchart, Andreas Feink Christian Feink, Hendrick Frey, Elias Garlock ,John Christian Garlock, Theobold Garlock, Johannes Ingolt, John Lawyer, William Nelles, Andries Peiper, Bartholonew Rickard, Gerhart Schaffer, Jacob Schnele, John Jost Schnele, Johannes Schnele, Marden Seibert **William Vorks, pg. 164 includes Jacob Syber From an early map with 3 patentees Stone Arabia. 6 Also, in the civil records of the town of Lambsheim, : "Sieverkaufen 28 Acker im Jahr 1708V, verkaufen 1709V ihr Haus. Herr Peter Josy oder Vielmehr Martin Seibert und Anna Maria verkaufen einen Acker 1709." Thus, Seibert's land was at least partially transferred in the crucial year of 1709. Note how the 1704 birth of Maria Elisabetha perfectly agrees with the age of the girl at London (4 years) in May 1907. reviewed 29 November 3003 7 New York Subsistance List 1710 and 1712 Seibert, Johann Martin 2-2, 2-2. viewed 29 November 2002 Fort Klock Historic Restoration Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration A British Government Redemptioner Project to Manufacture Naval Stores by Walter Allen Knittle, Ph.D. Department of History College of the City of New York Published Philadelphia, 1937 The Board of Trade List of First Party of Palatines in London, May 3, 1709 Note: In one place this list is referred to as May 6, 1709 and in another place May 3, 1709. ajberry This list is the first of four lists of Palatines compiled up to June 16, 1709 by Reverend John Tribbeko and Reverend George Andrew Rupterti. The four lists include only the first 6,000 of the Germans to arrive in that year. The lists which contain information on the age and occupation of the head of the family, numbers and age of the members of the family and religion, may be found in the Public Record Office, C. O. 388/76, 56 ii, 64, and 68-70. They have been published without change in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Records (New York, 1909 and 1910), XL, 49-54, 93-100, 160-167, 241-248; XLI, 10-19. They are also published in L. D. MacWethy, The Book of Names especially Relating to the Early Palatines and the First Settlers in the Mohawk Valley (St. Johnsville, New York, 1933) in an alphabetical order and an abridged form. In the latter version there are errors, which are excusable because of the nature of the material but the bad alphabetizing of the names is not to be regarded so lightly. Only the first of the four Board of Trade Lists (that of May 6, 1709) is included here because that group of 825 persons is unmentioned in the Embarkation Lists from Holland, which are here given in Appendix C. They were sent, as related in Chapter III, before the arrangement, by which the British government financed their passage to London, was well worked out. This first Board of Trade List given below has been carefully alphabetized, but the information given as to occupation, religion and age has not bee included here for a number of reasons: 1) it is accessible elsewhere, 2) it would crowd an already lengthy Appendix, 3) it would not conform to the Embarkation Lists which it is intended to supplement here. The abbreviation w. denotes the presence of the wife. # Seibert, Conrad-w. 1 son, 1 dau # Seibert, Martin-w. 1 son, 1 dau The New York genealogical and biographical record January 1909 Vol XL No 1 page 50 lists Martin Seibert (image in gendocs) Shirley Becker

    09/07/2015 08:01:24
    1. Re: [SIEPERT] In NJ and Albert F Siepert roots
    2. This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list. Author: fplattjr49 Surnames: Classification: queries Message Board URL: Message Board Post: I am grandson of Louise Siepert Neil, sister of Frederick Engel Siepert. I have met my great uncle Frederick, and their other brother Herman. I am currently writing a timeline of the Engels and Sieperts. Are you actively researching at this time, and do you have info/pictures? I will be happy to share my research. Thanks. Fred Platt Wayne NJ Important Note: The author of this message may not be subscribed to this list. If you would like to reply to them, please click on the Message Board URL link above and respond on the board.

    05/26/2013 05:07:00
    1. [SIEPERT] Merry Christmas from your ListAdmin!
    2. Scott and Roxanne Munns
    3. Hello, all Researchers! I hope you have a wonderful, blessed Christmas, and a Happy New Year! If you would like to see what else keeps me busy, please visit - our Christmas letter for the year as well as pictures and stories. Roxanne ListAdmin

    12/23/2008 04:18:14
    1. [SIEPERT] Merry Christmas from your ListHostess
    2. Scott and Roxanne Munns
    3. May you find... - information on your brick-wall ancestor - a treasure box of family photos - your grandparents' missing marriage certificate - a mis-spelled surname of your ancestor in the census during this Christmas season! I have posted a Christmas letter on my website HYPERLINK "" Please stop by and "meet" me! Thanks, Roxanne ListHostess No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Free Edition. Version: 7.5.503 / Virus Database: 269.17.4/1188 - Release Date: 12/17/2007 2:13 PM

    12/17/2007 10:16:05
    1. [SIEPERT] Military Records on Ancestry
    2. Scott and Roxanne Munns
    3. I thought you'd all like to know: The genealogy Web site HYPERLINK "" ismaking millions of U.S. military records available online through June 6,the anniversary of D-Day in Europe. The free access allows people to searchthrough indexed databases of draft cards, POW records and other informationin search of family history. RoxanneListHostess -- No virus found in this outgoing message.Checked by AVG Free Edition.Version: 7.5.446 / Virus Database: 269.7.6/813 - Release Date: 5/20/20077:54 AM

    05/25/2007 07:52:09
    1. [SIEPERT] WI Historical Society - New Resources
    2. Scott and Roxanne Munns
    3. Dear Researchers, I just received this announcement, and thought it would interest quite afew. Hope it helps! RoxanneListHostess Friends, We wanted to let you know that 10,000 more pages of Wisconsin genealogy andhistory are now available to you at HYPERLINK"" Earlier this fallwe published a digital version of the 20-volume set called "WisconsinHistorical Collections." It was published between 1855 and 1915 in order toshare the most important archival collections that the Wisconsin HistoricalSociety was collecting. Of particular interest to genealogists are thefollowing lists and registers: "The Territorial Census for 1836 [complete list]" (HYPERLINK",5850",5850) "The Population of Brown County, June 1830" (HYPERLINK",6073",6073) "Register of Baptisms at Mackinac, 1695-1821" (HYPERLINK",10797",10797) "Register of Marriages at Mackinac, 1725-1821" (HYPERLINK",10083",10083) "Register of Interments at Mackinac, 1743-1806" (HYPERLINK",10952",10952) WHC also contains hundreds of pioneer recollections, obituaries, andbiographical sketches, as well as printing all the most important documentson early Wisconsin history from French, Canadian, British and Americanarchives. If you have 19th-century Wisconsin ancestors, it’s definitelyworth a look. You can do a keyword search on the entire text, but ourlibrarians also cataloged every article so you can find the best onesdealing with any specific person, county, place, or topic. The originalmassively detailed index to the set, which traces every mention of everyname anywhere in the 10,000 pages, is also online (at HYPERLINK",11374",11374) Don't forget to also check our index to more than 2 million Wisconsinbirths, marriages and deaths (at HYPERLINK"" and our general Wisconsin Name Index to 150,000 biographies thatwere printed in 1,500 different sources (HYPERLINK"" Wecontinue to improve and expand these indexes on a daily basis. Sincerely,Margaret SracicWisconsin Genealogical Research ServiceWisconsin Historical Society P.S. Please excuse any duplication of mailings. -- No virus found in this outgoing message.Checked by AVG Free Edition.Version: 7.1.409 / Virus Database: 268.14.5/534 - Release Date: 11/14/2006

    11/14/2006 07:58:04
    1. FW: [USGenWeb-NE] Petition on reduction in hours for National Archives
    2. Scott and Roxanne Munns
    3. Action item for us all! Roxanne ListHostess ----- Original Message ----- From: Mike St. Clair/TT In late July, the National Archives announced they were planning to cut back the hours of the Washington DC area facilities of the archives. This would eliminate all evening and Saturday hours and greatly harm the ability of the average genealogist to access the records. For full details, see While the Archivist of the United States was at the FGS conference he reported that they had received very little feedback from the country's genealogists asking for reconsideration. He was also presented with a request from the chair of the FGS Records Preservation Committee to consider some alternatives and a petition was started to allow genealogists to express their disagreement with the changes and to endorse alternatives that will allow the evening and Saturday hours to continue. You can see more details about that in Dick Eastman's weekly newsletter at: The petition can be signed at: I would encourage each of you, as board members of The USGenWeb Project to use your influence to publicize this information throughout the project. Note that the deadline for receiving comments on the proposed changes by the archives is September 9, so there isn't much time. And I suspect that if they succeed in reducing the Washington hours, the regional archives will be soon to follow. I appreciate all that each of you do in support of the project membership and all genealogists with US ancestry. I believe that a little effort in support of this effort by FGS will pay off long term in enhancing our ability to deliver free information to our clients - genealogists everywhere. Mike St. Clair -- No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Free Edition. Version: 7.1.405 / Virus Database: 268.11.7/437 - Release Date: 9/4/2006

    09/04/2006 02:45:46
    1. Mailing List Review
    2. Scott and Roxanne Munns
    3. Some of us have been members of our mailing list for so long that I thought it would be appropriate to review the mailing list "guidelines" (I hate that word, but the only other word I can think of is "rules" and that's worse!) Okay, here we go...... Please be considerate of your fellow list members. Remember, some people are beginners at computers, some are new at genealogy, and others do not use English as their primary language. Never be impatient with simple questions or expressions which are difficult to understand. Try not to use acronyms but be specific (eg. state abbreviations (WI, MN, CA, etc.); SSDI = Social Security Death Index). We are here to help each other. Personal attacks, criticism, and/or 'flaming' are not permitted on this list, ever. This mailing list is for genealogy-related messages regarding/related to the SIEPERT surname only. Off-topic messages are not permitted on our list. This includes virus warnings and hoaxes, chain letters, and similar messages. If you have a matter of an administrative nature that you feel needs my attention, let me know and let me handle it as the list administrator. Do not try to handle such matters yourself either on or off the list. Contact me at When posting a new message to the list select an informative but concise subject line. When replying to a post, remember to change the subject line if the subject being discussed changes. When replying to a message, if you intend your reply to go privately or to the list - be sure to check that the intended address(es) are showing in the Send To box of your email BEFORE clicking on SEND. Genealogical information should be directed to the list as others may benefit from your reply as well as the intended recipient. Personal notes should be sent to the individual only. Please try to remove as much of the original message as possible while still making sense. ESPECIALLY if you receive the digest version of this mailing list, be sure to cut all but the pertinent parts - otherwise the whole digest is quoted in your reply. ALL messages posted to this mailing list are permanently archived at RootsWeb and cannot be edited or removed. Please consider this before posting your message or reply on the list. Messages posted to the SIEPERT RootsWeb/Ancestry Message Board are gatewayed to this Mailing List. When you see a post to the list that is gatewayed from the Board, remember that the person posting the message may not be a mailing list subscriber. Please post your reply to these messages on the Message Board by clicking on the URL link included in the gatewayed message and/or by replying by private e-mail to the author of the message. Roxanne Munns (your ListHostess) -- No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Free Edition. Version: 7.1.392 / Virus Database: 268.5.6/337 - Release Date: 5/11/2006

    05/15/2006 09:54:31
    1. WI Pre-1907 Marriage Index On-line
    2. Scott and Roxanne Munns
    3. Dear SIEPERT Researchers, Wisconsin has put their pre-1907 marriage index on-line at:! There are 4 SIEPERTs listed: Emma M., Jennie Gretro, Maggie E. and Mary. I hope this helps! Roxanne -- No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Free Edition. Version: 7.1.392 / Virus Database: 268.5.6/337 - Release Date: 5/11/2006

    05/15/2006 08:29:45
    1. Pre-1907 Death Index, WI
    2. Scott and Roxanne Munns
    3. Dear SIEPERT Researchers, The Wisconsin Historical Society has their pre-1907 death index records on-line at: (births are already there, and marriages are coming soon!). I found 2 SIEPERTs listed in the death records: Fred and Frederick. I hope this helps someone! Roxanne ListHostess

    03/30/2006 08:42:01
    1. WI pre-1907 Birth Index
    2. Scott and Roxanne Munns
    3. Dear SIEPERT Researchers, I just found out about the Wisconsin pre-1907 birth index at: <> . Since this is where most of my family has passed through, I am quite excited! There are 4 SIEPERTs listed! Hope this helps! Roxanne ListHostess -- No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Free Edition. Version: 7.1.375 / Virus Database: 267.15.11/264 - Release Date: 2/17/2006

    02/20/2006 11:57:11
    1. Merry Christmas from your ListHostess
    2. Scott and Roxanne Munns
    3. Dear Researchers, I would like to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May all your genealogical wishes come true! If you would like to read about my life outside of genealogy, please go to: Have a wonderful holiday! Roxanne ListHostess

    12/21/2005 09:48:57
    1. Military Personnel Records
    2. Scott and Roxanne Munns
    3. Dear Researchers, There's some more good news! Hope this helps you... Roxanne ListHostess URL: .html < s.html> National Personnel Records Center (St. Louis, MO) Archival Research Room The Department of Defense and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) signed an agreement on July 8, 2004, to make the Official Military Personnel Files a permanent series of records, transferred to NARA custody 62 years after the service member's separation from the military. On June 11, 2005, the Archival Programs Division at the National Personnel Records Center opened the following holdings: * Navy enlisted personnel files for individuals who were separated from the Navy between 1885 and September 8, 1939. * Marine Corps enlisted personnel files for individuals who served between 1906 and 1939. * A selection of approximately 150 records of prominent individuals who have been deceased ten years or more. We will add to this initial transfer of records on a regular basis. Written requests for records will initially be processed the same as requests for other military records from NPRC. As new reference procedures are developed they will be published on this web page. Until recently, NARA was merely the physical custodian of these records that were open only to the veteran, the next of kin, or the individual's service branch. In 1999, however, the Pentagon and NARA reached an agreement that would begin the process of systematically opening these records. According to Bill Seibert, chief of the archival operations branch of the records center, the records now "cease to belong to the military and instead belong to the American People - they're public documents." NARA negotiated an agreement that provided for all such military records to remain sealed 62 years past the date an individual left active service. That means that most WW2 records, for example, will remain closed for several more years. In addition, because of a fire at the records center back in 1973, some files of Army and Air Force veterans will be withheld even longer - until 2023. Coast Guard records will probably not be available until 2026, and because some individual files contain fragile or crumbling paper, some files will probably be kept on hold for some time. Persons interested in accessing the collection should contact the National Personnel Records Center, 97000 Page Avenue, Overland, MO, phone: 314-801-0850.

    11/18/2005 10:17:56
    1. FW: eBooks for Researching
    2. Scott and Roxanne Munns
    3. Dear Researchers, I thought this was something that all of us would like to know! Roxanne ListHostess The Harold B Lee Library at Brigham Young University has started putting its collection on line in digital format. There are many books included that are of interest to genealogists. Visit the Harold B Lee Library at From the dropdown menu on the left hand side of the page select Online Collections. On the Online Collections page click on the Text Collections tab. On the Text Collections page choose Family History Archive. Currently only books out of copyright are being placed online. Access is free. A second eBook project that is of interest to researchers can be found at Google has teamed with University of Michigan, New York Public Library, Harvard University, Oxford University and Stanford University to put their collections online in digital format. The whole text for out of copyright volumes are being scanned and placed online. Parts of books still under copyright are also online with proper permissions. Access is free. Emma Winegarner County Coordinator Livingston County MIGenWeb -- No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Free Edition. Version: 7.1.362 / Virus Database: 267.13.4/175 - Release Date: 11/18/2005

    11/18/2005 06:36:37
    1. German POWs on Midwestern Farms
    2. Scott and Roxanne Munns
    3. Dear Researchers, I just read an article at: regarding German POWs on midwestern farms. VERY interesting! Thought I'd pass it along. Roxanne

    04/18/2005 09:17:36
    1. Merry Christmas from your List Hostess!
    2. Scott and Roxanne Munns
    3. Dear Researchers, It is my custom to send you all Christmas greetings every year. I've gotten my family's website updated, so it's time to let you all know that you can get to know me better by pointing your browser to I do pray that your will "find" some information during this season - maybe one of your relatives will suddenly remember a fact or piece of information that will help you over your brick wall, or a relative will find some old family photos that they'll share with you. Whatever your biggest genealogy wish would be, I hope these holidays will bring you closer to their fulfillment. Please remember that many new genealogy researchers will get their new computers and genealogy software programs this Christmas. Please welcome their questions and enthusiasm. Try to stay patient and teach good research habits! Many blessings! Roxanne ListHostess

    12/20/2004 08:11:05
    1. Update to Senate legislation
    2. Scott and Roxanne Munns
    3. Senate Bill 2845 has passed the Senate without our suggested wording. One of the provisions that did pass reads as follows: "ISSUANCE TO FAMILY MEMBERS - Not later than one year after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary, in consultation with the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the States, shall establish minimum standards for issuance of a birth certificate to specific family members, their authorized representatives, and others who demonstrate that the certificate is needed for the protection of the requestor's personal or property rights." Assuming we were not successful at getting our language in the bill, it looks like our next shot is to get our language in the minimum standards, making it clear that the States are free to issue non-certified copies to the public. You are free to forward this to other interested parties as you see fit. David E. Rencher Chair, Record Preservation and Access Committee Federation of Genealogical Societies and the National Genelaogical Society

    12/11/2004 04:53:11