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    1. [SHYCHUK] Shychuk Mailing List
    2. Linda Kleback
    3. This week Ancestry completed most of the revisions of Rootsweb Mailing Lists. It’s great to have the lists available again! Since it’s been many months since we were able to share information, I’d like everyone to post something about your Shychuk research to get us started. Linda Pazics Kleback Shychuk List Administrator

    03/16/2018 02:41:42
    1. Changes in Rootsweb Mailing Lists
    2. You should have received an email from Rootsweb by now detailing the fact that they are changing list software and the mailing lists will be migrated over by groups. When the lists are migrated you SHOULD receive a new standard welcome letter for this list, but the new system doesn't seem to be sending these out. I will also let you know when our list gets moved to the new server, just in case you don't get your welcome letter. As the lists are migrated over, you will no longer have to add the -L when sending an email to the list. You only need to address your email as with XXXX being replaced with the name of the list. FOR AOL USERS: After these lists are migrated it is imperative for AOL users to check your Spam folders. If you find list mail there then please be sure to CLICK THE *THIS IS NOT SPAM* link to send the list mail to the inbox. It is VERY important to help train the filters and let AOL know that this new server can be trusted. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and we will figure it out together. Thanks for your patience during this migration to the new server, Linda Pazics Kleback List Administrator

    09/03/2006 01:06:20