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    1. [SHAW] Augustus Shaw of West Point, Georgia
    2. T. Carter Ross
    3. I'm hoping someone might have some information on my g-g-grandfather Augustus C. Shaw. Family notes have his birth as in 1829 in Georgia. The first definitive record I have is a 15 Oct 1857 marriage in Troup County, Georgia, where Augustus (no middle initial) married Elizabeth F. Langford. She was b. Abt. 1835, presumably in North Carolina, the daughter of Josiah D. Langford and Damaris Holcombe, both of whom are buried in West Point, Georgia. The only child of Augustus and Elizabeth that I have information on is my g-grandfather, Franklin Augustus Shaw (b. 12 Feb 1871 in West Point, Georgia; d. 1 Aug 1937 in New Orleans, Louisiana). Franklin married Abby Block Juden (b. 23 July 1875 in New Orleans; d. 2 Aug 1963 in New Orleans) on 14 Nov 1845. The 1850 census for Cass County has an Augustus C. Shaw (age 16, so presumed b. 1834) listed as born in Georgia and living in the household of a clergyman James Parker and Martha Parker, four Parker daughters(?) aged 10 to 15 and three Parker sons(?) aged 2 to 8, along with three other men (Luther E. Morren and William Barr, both of Vermont, and James N. King of Georgia) listed as physicians. The Parkers were all born in South Carolina, except those under the age of 10 who were born in Alabama. The 1870 census for West Point, Troup County, has Bridge Keeper Augustine Shaw (age 41, presumed b. 1828/9 in Georgia) with an E.S. Shaw (female, age 37, presumably b. 1832/3 in South Carolina) and C.E. Shaw (male, age 12, presumed b. 1857/8) and A.L. Shaw (male, age 8, presumed b. 1861/2). The 1880 census for West Point, Troup County, has Bridge Keeper Aug C. Shaw (age 51, presumed b. 1829) listed as born in Georgia to parents from South Carolina and married to a Mary A. Shaw (age 47, presumed b. 1833) listed as born in Georgia to parents from Georgia. They are listed with a son, Frank Shaw (age 9, presumed b. 1871). It would seem this is my g-g-grandfather Franklin Augustus Shaw. There is an Augustus Shaw (presumably born 1835) married to a Florada/Flora Shaw showing up in the census records for 1870, 1880 (in Floyd Co.), and 1900 (in Atlanta), which could well be the Augustus C. Shaw from the 1850 census. The other household names connected with this Augustus Shaw don't match any I know of in my family. There is a grave for Augustus Shaw (b. 21 Aug 1834; d. 5 Nov 1905) in Atlanta that's likely this person. I can't find anything that would appear to be either Augustus in the 1830, 1840, or 1860 census, nor anything among the several Augustus Shaws from Georgia that pop up in Confederate records that makes it clear which is my ancestor. As noted above, I'm pretty sure the 1850 census record is a different Augustus Shaw. My guesses at this point are that the 1870 and 1880 census records are my family. The E.S. Shaw in the 1870 census record could be Elizabeth Langford and that the Mary in the 1880 census was a second wife. Perhaps Elizabeth died in childbirth or shortly after Frank was born? The 1910 census has an Augustus Shaw (age 81, parents from Ireland) and Mary Shaw (age 74, parents from Georgia) living in Vineville, Georgia, with James F. Malone and Mary F. Malone; the Shaws are listed as in-laws. Mary F. Malone is aged 48 (presumed born in 1862 in Alabama with parents from Georgia). If this the same Augustus and Mary, it's unclear why Mary F. doesn't show up as an 8 year old in the 1870 census; perhaps she is a child from a previous marriage of Mary's? If anyone can confirm any of these suppositions and/or shed any light on Augustus and his roots, I would appreciate it. - T. Carter Ross

    09/19/2017 11:01:34