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    2. About 3,170 results Showing results for _cecilia wilmore,s arrival in america in 1725_ (,s+arrival+in+america+in+1725&s_i t=spelling&v_t=keyword_rollover) Search instead for _CECILLA WILMORE,S ARIVELL IN AMERICA IN 1725_ (,S+ARIVELL+IN++AMERICA+IN+1725&s_it=spelling&bfrq=1&v_t=keyword_rollover) Web Results * _RootsWeb: WILMORE-L [WILMORE] I have not had a reply from ..._ ( Wilmore's House hold < Elijah Wilmore Did Go to School ... who is Reported to be Native American, ... From Daniels >MOTHER> Cecilia Wilmore that Landed in Va in 1725 . OH YES< FOR SURE THE SEAYS & WILMORES AKA WILMERS GOT MARRIED UP IN MY ANCESTRY !! CUZ AT PLEASE RESPOND

    05/26/2017 03:48:27