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    3. I am a Wilmore/Wilmer Family Descendant, AND I have Wilmore research that States that there 32 different ways to Spell the NAME Just as there are Claims that there severl Spelling's of the Name <SAYE, Say, SEE, Which I amsure has Confused you To give you an IDEA as tohow Name Spelling's Can get a researcher CONFUSED, IN My Families: Harvie/ Harvey. Seay/Saye, Tomlinson/Tomlin, Wilmore/Wilmer EASY Solution; Harvie/Harvey<Harvey> Tomlinson/Tomlin <Tomlin> Wilmore/Wilmer < Wilmer> SEAY/SAYE <SEAY BUT CUZ SANDY, with your Verizon % Mind set, just what do you Have to show that You are connected to The SEAY Family??? A rule of Thumb; I start from ME & go back to the First of the Familym Name that is recorded as have landed in AMERICA & From that Ancestor I build a Connecter I have much information from other Sources About Over seas- I have been very well satisfied with MY information I believe that You Should Check Norfleets Verizon of the Child nameing Practices; The First son named after Daddys Pa, # 2 Son After Mamas Pa & the Third Son After Pa. <If Pa's Pa was George, Ma's Pa was George & Pa was George that Ment6 that this family Had 4 George Caqmpbell's There is a record of Three Abraham SEAY'S into America; I am Satisfied that the Abraham SEAY to Austin Seay to Daughter Elizabeth That Married Thomas Harvey IS MY ANCESTRY BUT you have me wondering how you, Connect NOT believeing any of the SEAY Family Information<???> CUZ AT <_atpowelljt@aol.com_ (

    04/14/2016 05:00:01