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    1. [SE-KENTUCKY] FreeGenInfo2]Irish Family HistoryPosted by: "Tom Knox"
    2. Margo Spoor
    3. Irish Family History Foundation http://ifhf. brsgenealogy. com/ "This site is part of the Irish Genealogical Online Record Search System (ORS), an all Ireland initiative organised by the Irish Family History Foundation. ... ... This site contains the largest collection of Parish records for the island of Ireland that are searchable online. Search for your ancestor across all counties and research centres or select a particular centre from the map. " Birth Records for Ireland - - 6,761,723 records Marriage Records for Ireland - - 3,559,298 records Death Records for Ireland - - 1,273,778 records Census Recorfds for Ireland - - 1,901,429 records Login or Register and start finding your ancestors now for FREE.* *The indexes, listing surname, first name, year and county of all records online is yours to search freely. To view a detailed record you can purchase credit online for instant access at a cost of ยค5.00 per record. Margaret Spoor

    09/06/2008 05:17:18