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    1. Re: [SE-KENTUCKY] looking for Appalachia Crossroads by Clayton R. Cox ...Beadles
    2. Frankie
    3. <> wrote: "Does anyone know where I might find a copy of the book "Appalacia Crossroads"....I am researching the family of my stepfather, who was the son of Piney Beadles" Many libraries have the book. You may be able to get it on an inter-library loan, as I believe it is out of print. I do have a copy of Cox's "Appalachia Crossroads, Volume I, "Descendants of Hezekiah Sellards". I checked the index and the only listing for BEADLES was listed in the index, on page 747 as an entry without a page number: "BEADLES: H. G." If you can give me an idea as to which of Hezekiah's children you believe your Piney Beadles is connected, I would be happy to check that info for you. Otherwise, I am afraid I am no help. The volume on the Caudill family may be more helpful. I do not have that one. Frankie

    11/18/2008 01:21:48