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    1. [SD-FREEDMEN] MEMORIAL---Charmaine Keith
    2. <A HREF="">memorial.html</A> From: [email protected] Newsgroups: alt.discuss.clubs.public.culture.native-american.benable Subject: In Memoriam, Charmaine Keith Hello Friends, Unless you are an avid researcher of the former Indian Territory or the genealogies of the Five Civilized Tribes, you are probably unaware of the name Charmaine Keith. Charmaine was one of those folk who today are working very hard to preserve the history and records and stories of the people who made up Indian Territory. I visited with her many times, asking for assistance with census records, translations of Indiginous names to English, territorial boundaries, historical notations, etc. I always found her to be so very enthusiastic about her People and her Land.......... I included her site on an awards list for N/A would have thought she had gotten an academy award or something.....she was that gracious and endearing. the children of Indian Territory today will someday grow up and yearn to know of their origins and lineages.......and they will be able to thank Charmaine in part for keeping the fires burning for them. I Honor Charmaine Keith today.......... She is probably shaking hands with Pathkiller and Oconostota and Nancy Ward right this moment..........and taking notes. submitted by Bright Star

    03/07/2003 07:26:24