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    1. [SCIOTO-VALLEY-OH] Where to purchae the SYMMES CREEK book.....
    2. freedbyluvv
    3. Hello list, I have finally tracked down where I purchased the book by Wayne B. Ingles, Symmes Creek" he wrote in 1976. This book is not on their listed inventory, but I just phoned them, and a woman named Mary there confirmed that they still have quite a few copies left. This book has been out of print for many years. Someone used to see these books out at a farm somewhere in Gallia, but stopped doing so many years ago. Then, a sister-in-law of the author's widow found a box of 400 of them in a basement or attic somewhere a few months ago, and let the Gallia Co. Historical/Gen. Society have them to sell. All contact information to that Society is at the link above. Cost is $10.00 shipping is $3.00 -------- total $13.00 Ohio residents add .68c for tax. --April. --------------------------------- Looking for a deal? Find great prices on flights and hotels with Yahoo! FareChase.

    08/27/2007 08:26:51