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    3. Hi Kathy, you are so welcome. There are no Spriggs, Throckmorton, or Tackett names listed. Here are the Davis': Arlie David Evan James Jenkins John Judge Mose Richard Sarah T.C. Tom ---------------------------------------------- No Martin Davis listed. ---------------------------------------------- James Davis: pg. 11-12 Mr. E.I. Jones of Cincinnati Ohio wrote a letter to be read at the JONES-DAVIS-MORGAN reunion on August 28, 1902. WELSH SETTLEMENT, Gallia County Some Reminiscences of the Tynrhos neighborhood. "My Dear friends of the Jones-Davis-Morgan reunion: I am sorry I can not meet with you, but my health will not permit. I send a contribution to be read by my good cousin, JUDGE DAVID DAVIS on "Some Reminiscences of the Tynrhos neighborhood. "The Welsh within the bounds were...JENKIN DAVIS, EVAN DAVIS, my father's family, JAMES DAVIS, JOHN DAVIS, (another) JOHN DAVIS (New York), JOHN LOT DAVIS, DAVID DAVIS..." -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sarah Davis pg. 15 THE EVANS FAMILY by Robert Alton Evans (Lewis' son) January 1963 Patriot, Ohio "I have been asked by a relative and friend to write some facts on the life of my Grandpa, J.L.W. EVANS. These notes are things I have been told and what I knew about him while he lived during my boyhood days. As I remember the story, he came to this country with his parents from Wales in the year 1840; and they settled near Wales (Centerpoint), Ohio. He was six years of age then. He later got enough formal education to teach district school as a start in life. A short time later he managed to buy a saw mill and went into the lumber business and we can say was quite successful when the rebellion was fought about the year 1862. He was married to a beautiful Welsh girl, SARRAH DAVIS, who came from Wales with her parents a short time after he did. When Morgan made his raid and came close to Wales or Centerpoint (as it is now called), Grandma was taking care of $5,000 of their money. When old Morgan took my great-grandpa's good horses out of his barn and put plugs in their place, Grandma saw that something had to be done with this money----so she put it in the cook stove to hide it.Well, she forgot about it,and baked a pan of bread in the oven. Later, she thought about the money!!! As it turned out, the money wasn't burned and they spent it for the home in which they later raised their family. Grandma said it was certainly a scare for her!" After Grandma SARRAH, his wife passed away he started to fail in health. Until his death he attended church and clung to the faith and kept belief in his all wise Creator." If this is your Sarah, let me know, and I will scan and send you the full story. It is 5 pages long, and extremely interesting. He mentions his Grandpa was mason, he describes the kinds of crops his Grandpa had, how he harvested them, and his Grandpa's love for livestock animals. ----April. John & Kathy Lupton <[email protected]> wrote: Hi April, I am interested in Spriggs, Throckmorton, Tackett, and Davis (Martin, James and Sarah). You are wonderful to do these lookups! Kathy in Illinois John A. Lupton Kathy Le Comte Lupton [email protected] --------------------------------- Be a better Heartthrob. Get better relationship answers from someone who knows. Yahoo! Answers - Check it out.

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