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    2. Karen Reyna
    3. Hi. I have info about Wyatt Sherman Scates born 1857 and died 1914. His wife was Susan "Susie" V. McAdams, both buried at Rosedale Cemetery Ada, Okla. Their son was Vester Clayton Scates born Apr. 3, 1903 in Ada, okla. Died 1984 in Ada,Okla. He married Edith Willliams. Both buried at Rosedale Cemetery Ada, Okla. After his dad Wyatt Sherman Scates death he lived with his uncle Rosroe Cullen Scates. I also feel Wyatt and Susie also had a daughter Eva A Scates. Born 1896 in Ark. I think this shows up on the 1900 census in Ark. She must have died before or just shortly after Vester was born. The reason I say that is he did not ever remember having a sister and always thought he was an only child. But upon seeing her associated as there daughter in the ancestry records I believe it to be true. Thank you for letting me add this data. My mother was Linda Z Scates Stout Pate born Aug 4, 1937. Died May 12, 2019. She had one brother William Clayton Scates Sr. Deceased 2 sisters Johnnie Mozelle Scates Painter deceased. and Emma Sue Scates Capshaw Hutchings born June1926 died June 27, 2018.

    02/15/2020 12:41:08