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    1. [SC-Gen] John WILSON SC Loyalist 1755-1825
    2. Charlotte Tebbutt
    3. Hi All, I am looking for some help in tracing one of my ancestors who hails from South Carolina. His name is John WILSON (bc.1755-dc.1825). I will go through what I do know about him below. I am anxious to find out more about his early life in SC and who he was and came from. I know WILSON is a popular name and there are a number of possibilities for families he could be connected to. Unfortunately as I live in sunny England I have no access to records that might enlighten the matter – and to be fair I wouldn’t even know where to start. I do know that a lot of Colonial records were lost in the Civil War and am therefore aware that I might never know the answer as to his origins. Birth - Some later secondary sources claim he was born in 1755 and that he was from Georgetown, SC. I have found no record of his birth or any later documentary evidence to support an age. I know he was married in 1777 so a birth of around 1750 seems fair. Marriage – He married Margaret HASELL in Georgetown, SC on 12th June 1777. Wife – His wife came from a prominent SC family with a long history going back to early Colonial times. She counted amongst her relatives Christopher GADSDEN (uncle) and William GIBBES (cousin). For me she is a gateway ancestor and I can trace her lineage back through aristocratic families in England. Children – They had four children that I can locate – although only two (John and Anna) reached maturity and only John had descendants. Anna Sophia WILSON (b.1782-d.1852) Gadsden Christopher WILSON (b?-d.1786) John Hasell WILSON (b.1789-d.1835) Eliza Hasell WILSON (b?-d?) Loyalist – What I know from later sources is that he calls himself “An American Loyalist from S. Carolina”. His stance is somewhat surprising seeing that the majority of his wife’s family are Patriot’s – and outspoken ones at that. He ends up back in London (more of which I will write about below). I can find no records of him fighting in the War but there are a few possibilities of John Wilson’s who are dispossessed or just mentioned as a loyalist from SC. London – All I can tell for certain is that he was in London by 1789. Anna was born in SC in 1782 (the last time I can fix all the family together in the USA) and John Hasell was born in London in 1789. Their other son (Gadsden Christopher) was buried in London in 1786 but that doesn’t suppose that the father was with the family at this stage, although it was probable. Both the evacuations from Charleston and Savannah are possibilities, I understand, with these dates. European Museum – As a side-note (although somewhat interesting to show his standing and education) he became the proprietor of the European Museum in London from 1789 which was successful for over twenty years. He was described as a Barnum-type figure and certainly had friends in high places (who helped setup the enterprise) and appeared to have a high understanding of Art and History (good education?). Later life – He married a Mary DOVE in 1815 (a year after his first wife’s death). And there followed a decline in his business ventures leading to a failed enterprise in turning his home into a theatre. His son had been made bankrupt in 1819 and then lived with his father and the property they lived in was sold in 1823 to Christie’s auction house. Secondary sources say he dies in 1825 but I have been unable to find a record of his death in this period. So what I am hoping for is someone to help me (or point me in the right direction) to help find out where he came from, who his parents were and if we can work out which loyalist John WILSON from SC he was. I’d also love to know when he left SC for England. Yours hopefully,Charlotte

    02/13/2013 02:51:19