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    1. [SC-Gen] confusion on two James P. Kinards
    2. Glenna Kinard
    3. I hope someone can help me straighten out my confusion on two James Pinckney Kinards. I have James Pinckney as the son of John Martin Kinard/Lavania Eliz. Rook. I have James' dates as 1829-1854. (I do not have a wife for this James.) I also have a James P. Kinard as president of Winthrop College: James P. Kinard 1928-1934 Dean of the college under David Bancroft Johnson, James Pinckney Kinard became Winthrop┬╣s second president upon the founder┬╣s death. Kinard had the difficult task of guiding Winthrop through the Depression. Despite the economic crisis, the Kinard administration saw the expansion of Carnegie Library (now Rutledge Building), planning for the amphitheater, membership in the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, and completion of Kinard Building, the main academic facility on campus. After his departure from the presidency, Kinard served as president emeritus until his death in 1951. He remained active on campus during those 17 years, participating in commencements and other official functions, as well as in the academic life of the campus. ~~~~~ Who are James. P. Kinard's (pres. of Winthrop) parents? Thanks for any help you can give, Glenna Kinard Columbia, SC

    11/05/2013 01:09:20