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    1. [SAR-IL]Admin Post Please Read
    2. Dee
    3. Hi everyone! As you may have noticed, Rootsweb mail lists are back on-line! Yay! If you need help navigating the new system: <> I hope everyone will begin utilizing this list and the many others available at Rootsweb. If you have any questions about this list please fee free to send me a message! Have a great day! Dee Admin <>

    04/09/2018 08:54:58
    1. [SAR-IL] Admin Reminder
    2. Janice Wall Buker
    3. I just wanted to send a reminder that this is an extremely slow list with few postings. I would love to see it pick up traffic so if you have any information to share or questions to ask the list please feel free to do so. Thank you, Jan B. - Admin

    03/09/2011 04:00:39
    1. [SAR-IL] FW: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
    2. Jan Buker
    3. I just wanted to send a reminder that this is an extremely slow list with few postings. I would love to see it pick up traffic so if you have any information to share or questions to ask the list please feel free to do so. Thank you, Jan B. - Admin

    03/09/2011 12:53:53
    1. How long will ink jet prints last?
    2. Sally J. Jacobs
    3. Dear Family Historians, Hi! My name is Sally, and I'm a Wisconsin-based archivist. I've been researching the question of ink-jet longevity for the October issue of my free montly e-zine "Ask the Archivist." The most interesting thing I learned is that brand *does* matter. The paper, ink, and equipment are all designed to work together. So if you've got an BrandX printer you need to buy BrandX paper and BrandX ink, too -- if you want them to last for 100 years (as some manufacturers claim). I had some not-so-great experiences with printing my own photos before I started researching ink jet longevity. Now, I've decided to ditch my ink jet altogether. Instead, I upload digital photos to my trusted local photo shop. The October issue of "Ask the Archivist" comes out in just a few days. Subscribing is super-easy on our website: Got questions for the archivist?.... Email me anytime! Sincerely, Sally -------------------------------------------------- Sally J. Jacobs, Archivist Email: Phone: (608) 332-1494 Web: -------------------------------------------------- JACOBS ARCHIVAL SERVICES Our business is saving memories. + Scanning & DVD Slideshows + Long Term Storage Solutions + Organizing & Clutter Control

    10/10/2005 02:00:42
    2. red
    3. would like to knowif anyone can tell me the details of the Land Warrants & Rev War info for JOSIAH & brother, ANDERSON BRYANT of HENDRICKS & MORGAN CO KY... have more details for them... Sheri --- 'Without Struggle there can be No Progress.' Fredrick Douglas please feel free to efax me @ 501.640.7613 ____________________________________________________________ Find what you are looking for with the Lycos Yellow Pages

    03/24/2004 08:06:55
    1. [SAR-IL] OFF-TOPIC From List Mom--Helpful Site
    2. Diana Boothe
    3. The following is a WONDERFUL site, and would be most useful in researching old documents! Thanks to all involved in this! ~~~~~~~~~Original Message~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Von Stachon recently transcribed about 600 court records, deeds and wills for several counties in Virginia. She made images of many of the common words found in these old documents, and has prepared a table showing the image of the handwriting with the transcribed word. This table may be found at: Feel free to pass this link on in your mail lists, or use the link as you wish. Mike

    01/13/2004 08:55:06
    1. [SAR-IL] Fw: Worm characteristics
    2. Diana Boothe
    3. Heads up on a very new----very mean virus. Though I don't normally do this, and do request that you NOT reply to the list, but to me, List Mom, personally, I feel this is something that everyone needs to be aware of. For those who do NOT have an anti-virus program, or who have more questions, please contact me OFF list. :o) Take Care, Diana AllFamilies Scrapbook: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Linda Schwartz who admins the Trondelag list gave permission to forward a very clear explanation of elements of these virus messages. W32.Sobig.F@mm Discovered on: August 19, 2003 Last Updated on: August 19, 2003 05:07:51 PM W32.Sobig.F@mm is a mass-mailing, network-aware worm that sends itself to all the email addresses it finds in the files with the following extensions: * .dbx * .eml * .hlp * .htm * .html * .mht * .wab * .txt The worm uses its own SMTP engine to propagate and will attempt to create a copy of itself on accessible network shares. Email Routine Details The email message has the following characteristics: From: Spoofed address (which means that the sender in the "From" field is most likely not the real sender). The worm may use the address as the sender. Subject: * Re: Details * Re: Approved * Re: Re: My details * Re: Thank you! * Re: That movie * Re: Wicked screensaver * Re: Your application * Thank you! * Your details Body: * See the attached file for details * Please see the attached file for details. Attachment: * your_document.pif * document_all.pif * thank_you.pif * your_details.pif * details.pif * document_9446.pif * application.pif * wicked_scr.scr * movie0045.pif My note: While I do not have an infected computer, I have seen my email addresses forged (when **I** get a mail bounce for something I did not send). I suspect that someone I have communicated with in the past may have had his/her computer attacked with a virus. Or my addresses have been harvested from message boards, web pages, etc.

    08/21/2003 08:58:36
    1. [SAR-IL] FYI: RootsWeb Downtime
    2. Diana Boothe
    3. My most humble apologies to those who receive this more than once! :o) Take Care, Diana ArkansasFamilies: 2003-06-11 The entire website will be down for several hours Thursday morning, while our technical staff completes routine maintenance < from approximately 1-4 a.m. (Mountain). We apologize for the inconvenience, and encourage you to use our sister sites during this down time.

    06/11/2003 09:29:59