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    2. Manaia Alofa
    3. Talofa Sarai! Oa mai oe ma Fanau?*giggles* We are no warmer here in Cali, but Spring is coming soon, and I will be residing in Paris meeting with my fiance and tieing that knot finally where he says it is still snowing.*awaaaaaay* I wish you & everyone of the Samoan community the Best of 2011!*winx* Manuia 2011! --Manaia *mwahz* ________________________________ From: Sarai A Duffy <[email protected]> To: Manaia Alofa <[email protected]>; [email protected] Sent: Tue, January 11, 2011 10:28:19 PM Subject: Re: [Samoa] [Admin] List Addresses Happy 2011 Manaia and Everyone! We are freezing here in Canada but life do go on! Have a great year everyone and hope all is well with you Manaia. Sarai Duffy [snip]

    01/13/2011 03:05:22