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    1. [RUSSIA] weekend inspiration for Russian genealogy
    2. Vera Miller
    3. A research miracle happened at 10:30 p.m. last night. I couldn't go to sleep until 1 a.m. It is possible to make breakthroughs in Russian genealogy, no matter how long it's been. Here's some weekend inspiration!

    01/25/2020 08:19:40
    1. [RUSSIA] [EXTERNAL] Inspiration for keep searching for records
    2. Vera Miller
    3. Made an incredible breakthrough this week on my Russian great-grandfather with an important lesson for anyone doing genealogy. Facts can be uncovered even after 8 years of frustration. It just has to be done right.

    11/30/2019 05:40:18
    1. [RUSSIA] Major genealogy discovery just by searching Google in Russian
    2. Vera Miller
    3.  Just made a major breakthrough in Luhansk Region, Ukraine, on my Russian great-grandfather! All thanks to searching in Russian on Google and using Google Translate. The discovery was waiting two years for me to find it. Don't give up because you don't know what you will miss out on! A post on how to search in Russian and Ukrainian is linked to this post. ://

    11/02/2019 08:30:56
    1. [RUSSIA] New WWII database for USSR soldiers
    2. Vera Miller
    3. Russia has created a new database that has photos of WWII Soviet Army veterans from the entire former USSR. It is well worthing checking out the new database, which is growing by several hundred additions each day. I explain how to use the database for those who don't know Russian.

    10/19/2019 06:48:37
    1. [RUSSIA] Guide to finding the mystery family villages of Russia and Ukraine
    2. Vera Miller
    3. It's great to learn the name of a family village but where did the village ever exist on a map. Here is a blog post that provides useful web pages (in ENGLISH) to help find family villages in Ukraine and Russia. I have included several ethnic groups who have lived in Russia and Ukraine.

    10/12/2019 04:34:52
    1. [RUSSIA] great database on victims of the anti-Polish terror in the USSR
    2. Vera Miller
    3. A lesser known database has information on victims of the anti-Polish terror in the USSR. This database is a great gem for information and very easy to use. Learn more about the database here-

    09/29/2019 04:40:15
    1. [RUSSIA] Guide for making the best choices in DNA testing
    2. Vera Miller
    3. Here is a helpful post on which DNA test to get, based on your interests. This post will be helpful to determine which DNA company to watch for end of the year sales.

    09/14/2019 05:22:07
    1. [RUSSIA] FAQ- DNA testing for Russians and Ukrainians
    2. Vera Miller
    3. The four DNA testing companies will be announcing their sales soon for end of the year. Here is a FAQ for those who haven't tried DNA testing yet- Vera

    09/14/2019 05:18:22
    1. [RUSSIA] 23andme breaks down ethnicity by regions within countries of Eastern Europe
    2. Vera Miller
    3. 23andme has developed the most specific ethnicity breakdown by regions within countries. This is my review of how that breakdown compares to my thorough family tree that covers my Russian and German-Pole ancestors. I would love to hear how 23andme's newest ethnicity breakdown has worked out for other people.

    08/31/2019 06:35:09
    1. [RUSSIA] More International Tracing Service records online
    2. Vera Miller
    3. Hello all, Ancestry bought two sets of records from International Tracing Service (now called Arolsen Archives). Here is information on the newest database- It covers 1.7 immigrants of WWII.  The other database covers another 10 million people affected by WWII I have information on that database here- Happy searching! Vera

    07/28/2019 09:15:30
    1. [RUSSIA] Cemetery databases for Russia and other nearby countries
    2. Vera Miller
    3. Iam super excited to announce that my week-long project to update myCemetery Databases page is completed. The number of cemeterydatabases have more than doubled on the page.This page coversUkraine, Russia, Belarus, Estonia and Lithuania, includingtraditional and military cemeteries. Jewish cemeteries also arelisted on the page. I explain how to use these databases withoutknowing Russian. A few databases are in English. None of thesedatabases are on any subscription genealogy websites. 

    06/17/2019 05:02:15
    1. [RUSSIA] Another major update to WWII victims database
    2. Vera Miller
    3. Here's to another major update from Arolsen Archives (formerly International Tracing Service). This free database is very easy to use in English and the documents can be downloaded. The database covers concentration camp victims, forced laborers and displaced persons.

    05/22/2019 04:17:06
    1. [RUSSIA] Hello
    2. Genie White
    3. Hello anyone know anything about Russian Jewerely made about 1900?? Karen Lashin

    05/13/2019 11:04:49
    1. [RUSSIA] Major update to free WWII database on soldiers of the Red Army
    2. Vera Miller
    3. Hello all, The Russian government has added another 5 million records to its database on soldiers who died, went missing or were POWs during WWII. The database covers all the areas of the former USSR. The updates to the database will continue for years to come. The link below explains how to use to the database without knowing Russian. The website doesn't require any registration. There isn't an English database with the same information. Happy searching!

    05/12/2019 06:03:24
    1. [RUSSIA] Unsealed records unveil the bigger story behind a family’s persecution
    2. Vera Miller
    3. Here's my family's story of persecution from 1938. It is well worth getting files on relatives' persecution to get the full story, plus it's free.

    04/29/2019 04:57:11
    1. [RUSSIA] 10 Mythbusters for making breakthroughs in Russian genealogy
    2. Vera Miller
    3. Here is some mythbusting about Russian genealogy. The facts should shake off the fears about Russian genealogy.

    04/15/2019 04:52:41
    1. [RUSSIA] Complete guide to charming Russian archives without knowing English
    2. Vera Miller
    3. Hello all, Here's a guide to getting church records from Russian archives, even if you don't known Russian. The article covers  the whole process, including translating letters from Russian archives to English and paying for the archive bills. Vera

    03/24/2019 05:20:14
    1. [RUSSIA] Another breakthrough on communist-era records
    2. Vera Miller
    3. Hello all, It takes times to find the records from the communist era to break down those brick walls from Russia. Here's another amazing story that wasn't on my wish list because I thought it would never happen. Vera

    02/17/2019 10:38:27
    1. [RUSSIA] Guide to interviewing relatives like a true detective
    2. Vera Miller
    3. Hello all, If you have some older relatives who can tell you about your family in the old country, here is a great post on how to interview them: Good luck! Vera

    01/30/2019 05:41:32
    1. [RUSSIA] Declassified records reveal details of a family secret
    2. Vera Miller
    3. Hello all, I have made a breakthrough on researching the disappearance of my grandmother's husband in the 1930s from southern Russia. The persecution files are open for release of information and these files have plenty of info. Read this success story here- Vera

    12/15/2018 05:12:50