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    1. [ROSE-DNA] Beneficiary Information
    2. Diana Gale Matthiesen via
    3. The sudden and unexpected death of a member of one of my projects prompts me to remind you to fill in the "Beneficiary Information" on your FTDNA member account. To do so, please login to your FTDNA account and click "Manage Personal Information" (orange text) on the left of your home page, under the "Your Account" heading. Then click the "Beneficiary Information" tab. You will need to fill in the Name, Phone, and E-mail address of the beneficiary. Legally, your heirs will be able to gain control of the account, anyway, but filling in the Beneficiary Information will mean they won't have the burden of proving to FTDNA that they're the member's legal heir. It also means you can specify which of your heirs gains control of the account. And, of course, your FTDNA account should be mentioned in your will as part of your estate, to be certain your heirs are aware of it. Diana

    05/03/2015 08:09:53