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    1. [ROSE-DNA] display of results at FTDNA ROSE project
    2. Diana Gale Matthiesen via
    3. Just a heads up... When FTDNA revamped their web site interface, they made data NOT showing on the project results page the default. If you want your data to show up here: and you don't see it there, now (check both pages), then you need to change one of the Privacy settings on your FTDNA account. Login to your account at FTDNA, then, on the left under "Your Account," click the "Manage Personal Information" link. Then click the "Privacy and Sharing" tab on the far right. Under "My DNA Results," make certain the answer to this question, "Who can view my DNA results in group project?" is "Anyone." If it says, "Project Members," then your results will not show up on the above Results page, which you want them to do. Displaying results on the above linked page used to be the default, so all you are doing is putting things back the way they were before. Diana

    02/06/2016 02:56:19